Is the Beast’s Deadly Wound a Future Event?

“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” – Revelation 13:3

This is a hard one for me personally. The Chapel teaches that the deadly wound happens to NWO in the future to one of the heads of the beast system. Satan is then cast out of heaven and comes as Antichrist to heal the wound. There are many reasons why that interpretation is wrong.

Satan being cast out of heaven does however seems to correspond with the deadly wound.

For me personally this wound could have taken place when Jesus Christ defeated death on the cross. The previous Satanic world system would have appeared vanquished because of this. Still another strong possibility could be the fall of pagan Rome…

Seventh Day Adventists will commonly teach that the deadly wound happened in 1797 when Napoleon disbanded the papacy. There are also reasons why that fails.

I am an unsettled on this issuewhat do you think the beast’s deadly wound refers to?


Winning the Battle: the Many-Headed Hydra of Jesuit Futurism


It has been over 8 months since I have even looked at this blog. In many respects it is a closed case. I have truly said all that needs to be said in order for someone that truly wants deliverance from error to be saved.

I have shared my testimony of how the Lord Jesus Christ delivered from one deception and sin after another and given every detail… but I feel there is more that needs to be said because we are getting into some of the most impenetrable areas of falsehood that the devils ever invented and it affects us all. 

My earnest desire is that my readers who are tangled up in this mire of false religion will break free. 

I want to say this, it has been almost twelve years since I first started to see the light of freedom in Jesus Christ from this cult and to this day I still battle the demon of FUTURISM. This is the ultimate poison that the Chapel instills and it is the spiritual essence of the beast, it is a many-headed Hydra that pulls its victims into the depths.

Futurism was created by Jesuits in the 16th century in order to obscure the reality that the dynasty of the papacy was the prophetic Antichrist. The Reformers knew this. Through futurism the world is either pulled into ecumenism or prophetic fantasy religion that strengthens the hand of Rome through blindness.

The center-piece of Chapel teaching is this fantastical notion that Satan will descend from the Heavens in the future as the Antichrist at the 6th trumpet with god-like powers of persuasion and deception. The structure of this lie was given theological strength by the intellectual shock troops of the beast… the Jesuits, a bloody and hellish corps of devils.

This doctrine of futurism was later “Protestantized” by the dispensationalists of whom the Chapel is a pure and unadulterated expression.

It is the height of fantasy religion and if you are caught up in it you are being ROBBED. The Antichrist as you understand him will never come – the man of sin has already been revealed.

What the Lord brought to my attention in my time away is that I too in much of my writing was still swayed by Rome’s poison that was delivered to me by the Chapel even after all this time and conscientious effort to break free.

I will be updating the blog to reflect these changes and my pitched war and repudiation of Jesuit futurism which the Chapel is a 100% devotee. They are an unwitting tool of the beast. I want you to see these things.

The war you are waiting for is already here.

You see the false doctrine of futurism puts adherents at peace with the biblical Antichrist by pointing their attention to a fictional comic book character that will never come… and while the Christians have their heads turned the Roman beast continues to devour the world.

Flaming Guano Batman, We’ve Solved the Batcreek Stone…

Bat Creek Mound Tablet

“Peer reviewed work of Mary Kwas and Robert Mainfort has demolished any claims of the stone’s authenticity. Mainfort and Kwas themselves state ‘The Bat Creek stone is a fraud.’ ” – Kenneth Feder, hoax expert

Ah, the Batcreek Stone. Unequivocally the sheerest of archeological frauds that Murray is found supporting…

Though I never took much interest in the archeological meanderings of Murray he was trying to establish something very important to his teaching. He wanted solidify the notion that the Hebrews came to the Americas and left evidence behind…

I mean, if they made it to America, how much more easily did they make it to Britain as well?

But is that so? And what about this Batcreek Stone which was claimed to contain Paleo-Hebrew writing thus proving the migrations of the ancient Hebrews?

 The British Israelist’s want to convey the image that ancient Israelites swarmed to every corner of the globe and that the chiefest of these destinations was to be found in the new promised land itself, Britannia…

One key facet of Anglo-Israelism is the premise that the descendants of Judah’s son, Zerah, split off from Israel and migrated rapidly to the England arriving around 1,000 B.C. – Pharez as you recall was the firstborn of Judah but Zerah stuck his hand out first recieving the scarlet thread thus laying claim to blessings of kingship.

Folks, British Israelism and the Batcreek Stone are frauds. Murray presumes to demonstrate his expertness in the ancient Hebrew language by interpreting a con which he takes to be true… the following video exposes the fable of the Batcreek Stone and Murray’s unique penchant for distorting the Hebrew to prove his pet doctrines.

Ezekiel 13:18 Isn’t about the “Fly Away” Doctrine


“…and say, Thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to the women who sew magic bands upon all wrists, and make veils for the heads of persons of every stature, in the hunt for souls! Will you hunt down souls belonging to my people and keep your own souls alive?” – Ezekiel 13:18

When I first started studying with the Shepherd’s Chapel back in 1994 one of the first few tapes I ordered was a two tape series concerning the pre-tribulation rapture. I was blown away by Murray’s teaching. He unleashed a panoply of arguments and scripture against this lie the likes of which I had never seen.

To this day I don’t believe in a pre-tribulation rapture thanks in no small part to Arnold Murray. But that is where my praise and adulation ceases.

As I stated before there are a multitude of good Christian teachers who correctly expose the lies of dispensationalism and the pre-tribulation rapture…

Without all the garbage religion that Chapel dishes up…

Invariably on every broadcast it is simply a matter of time before the doctor launches into his polemic. You’ll hear him talk about how Ezekiel predicted the “Fly Away” doctrine. This can be found in Ezekiel 13, but as I will show you the passage he references has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rapture.

Ezekiel 13:17 – “Likewise, thou son of man, set thy face against the daughters of thy people, which prophesy out of their own heart; and prophesy thou against them…”

Okay, the context is 5th century B.C. – the woman of Israel at that time were involved in false religion and lying to the people telling them that judgment would not come. God was commanding Ezekiel to pronounce judgment against THEM. Not Margaret McDonald, NOT Gloria Copeland, Not Jan Crouch or any of the other biblical podunks on TBN for fooling people with the pretribulation rapture.

(NLT) Ezekiel 13:18 – “This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against all your magic charms, which you use to ensnare my people like birds. I will tear them from your arms, setting my people free like birds set free from a cage.

Here’s the KJV and notice how Murray distorts the text to have it mean something about God’s judgment on the women who teach the pre-tribulation rapture…

Ezekiel 13:18 – “Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly.”

This passage is about God setting his people free from these liars like someone who frees birds from a cage. Murray warps and distorts this passage to mean something completely unrelated… why would he do that? It’s about power and selfish ambition. Murray has no concern for the truth – only to use and distort the bible to accomplish his own selfish ends.

He exposes the pre-tribulation rapture AS A MEANS OF CONVERTING PEOPLE TO HIS CULT. Therefore he has no compunction about warping this passage if it supports his agenda.

The Curious Story of Lance Knight & King’s Chapel


Some of you may have heard of Lance Knight’s conversion experience and subsequent violent repudiation of Shepherd’s Chapel in April 2005. At the time, Lance had developed a rather large teaching ministry based around the core of Chapel teaching, thereby leaching many of Murray’s hard earned students.

Because of his betrayal his name will forever burn in infamy in the minds of some…

I had the pleasure of witnessing the whole thing unfold – I was more a disciple of Knight at the time than Murray. I talked to him by phone in November of 2004 and for a short time tithed to his ministry. I owned all of his teaching material.

In fact by the end of 2003 I was no longer interested really in hearing Murray teach at all. I found him to be boring, repetitive and unspecific. Knight was just the type of teacher I was looking for…

When the Lord saved me on February 14th 2003, I immediately gravitated back towards Chapel doctrine which I was immersed in before becoming and atheist. One of the first things I did was send for the Mark of the Beast package. I specifically remember the Lord warning me to stay away from it at the time but I was unable – I couldn’t conceive of the scripture in any other light than what I had learned from Murray.

I tithed over $800 to the Chapel that year, such was my commitment.

In the Summer of 2003 I began to study with Lance Knight of the King’s Chapel. I found his teaching style and content much more in line with what I wanted. Lance taught an almost identical doctrine to Murray with extra insights and zeal to go with it – he was younger and I identified with him. He was much more militant and combative against the NWO, and gave more details… always a bonus. He brought another level of excitement to Murray’s false doctrine.

For all intents and purposes I left the Chapel behind because of Lance in late 2003…

In 2004, I began to give to Presbyterian teacher R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. I give R.C. a lot of credit for getting me out of this. His teaching series on the Holy Spirit, Election and Justification by Faith Alone shattered my confidence in the Chapel system completely… Sproul taught about the nature of the Godhead and the Holy Spirit and I began to realize Murray was teaching heresy.

It would take some time to bust loose but R.C. set in a motion an unraveling that would come to a head in late March 2005 when Lance had his epiphany.

By this time I was going through intense spiritual turmoil – I had already rejected Murray’s teaching while still being caught up in the more difficult errors. It was unraveling quick but I was still clinging to King’s Chapel to see what Knight had to say.

Lance would usually put out teaching material every week in those days – they were kind of like advanced Shepherd’s Chapel lectures. Lance always considered himself and his followers to be the elite of the elite in the Chapel scheme. I waited diligently to get these messages.

All of the sudden, Lance stopped posting. Then Lance pulled all the content down from his site and began to stream audio sermon’s every week beginning early April 2005.

The messages were very bizarre – Lance went on and on about his religious experience and he was accusing Murray of being the “man of sin” and referring to himself indirectly as Michael the Archangel. I knew something wasn’t right, but he was exposing a lot of the teachings from the Chapel that I was being freed from so I knew there was something to it. I wanted to hear more of what he was getting free from.

These were very instructive times. Lance for his part destroyed all of his old teaching material and instructed his followers to do likewise and depend solely on scripture…

I took him up on this – in April 2005, I not only threw away tons of Knight’s and Murray’s teaching material but also all the other study material I had accumulated. I even tossed my Companion Bible in the dumpster.

The teaching of Knight became so bizarre and unbiblical that I separated myself from Knight. I WAS FREE! The Lord Jesus Christ set me free from man’s religion completely back in April 2005. I give Knight some credit even though I’m wholeheartedly against his current teaching which is a variation of the Latter-Rain/Manifest Sons of God heresy.

When he broke at the time, the dye was cast, the war against falsehood began.

Dennis Murray Takes Over Shepherd’s Chapel… Now What?

dennis murray takes over...


Pastor Arnold Murray passed away a little over a year ago handing the reigns of his lucrative ministry to his son, Dennis Murray. For as long as I can remember Dennis has been teaching an almost identical doctrine alongside of his father.

As much ire as I express towards the Chapel on this blog I want to state that I genuinely like and respect Dennis Murray. I believe he has been led astray from a very young age and I feel bad for him… I pray that God has mercy on him.

But that will NOT keep me from speaking out against his teaching.

Most of the time you will see him going over the more mundane historical books of the old testament. Don’t let that fool you! He’s a carbon copy of his father and will simply continue to propagate the errors that his father set forth.

He does say that they do have differences of opinion but I can assure you they amount to very little. Why risk ruining something that works?

He will simply continue to build upon the false foundation put in place by his dad.

Let’s start with a simple statement by Dennis Murray…

In a message Dennis stated, “God’s elect have no free-will. I have no free-will. We just serve God on His terms.”

This is a denial of reality.

Quite an intriguing statement that Dennis Murray makes here… According to the chapel, the elect have no free will… only the non-elect have free will. The elect are not the redeemed as a whole but they are a smaller group of 144,000. So if you’re not part of this group that fought alongside God in the first earth age then you are not elect…

This small group of elect earned the right to be saviors at the end of the age and they have no free will… they came here with the purpose to be delivered up to witness against the antichrist during the abbreviated 5 month tribulation. They earned their salvation in the first earth age due to their performance!

They were justified in the world that was as a result of their efforts. Now they come with a mission… and have forfeited their free-will in advance.

If you are caught up in these delusions I plead with you to snap out of it!!! Repent, turn to Jesus Christ and away from these false teachers!

Arnold Murray Has Passed Away…


Pastor Arnold Murray has died. I respect the man and revered him as great teacher for many years. The time came when Lord Jesus Christ opened my eyes to the deception he was teaching…

As a person, I truly liked Pastor Murray – he was likable in many ways. As a teacher I enjoyed studying with him in my youth but now in retrospect I deplore what he did… I forgive him for leading myself and others astray.

I was once an ardent student of the Chapel, hanging on Murray’s every word. I began studying with Murray in early 1994. Around 2005 Jesus Christ began to fully deliver me from spiritual bondage.

The repercussions of internalizing Murray’s teaching affected my life personally in a very negative way. That having been said, I take responsibility.

He will be held accountable for his end of the deal and the bible has some very stern words about these things.

Arnold Murray was a false teacher and deceived many. Even now from the grave through the religious legacy that he left behind people are ensnared.

Part of my calling here is to expose his system and help others break free. May God have mercy on his soul.

At this point many will cry out, “you’re being hateful, you’re being judgmental!”

I don’t hate Arnold Murray, Dennis Murray or any of his followersbut I do hate the demonic system of falsehood that they put forth. And yes, I will continue to attack it – and if you can’t see the difference in the two it’s because you don’t want to.

God is removing a tremendous stumbling block from the feet of His church. And yes, the Shepherd’s Chapel continues on leading people astray and I am at war with it.

You see, I was once in this cult but by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I am free from it. I have a furious hatred for false religion…

This blog deals specifically with the Chapel deception and helping people break free.

Many think that because of his passing this ministry will begin to wane in influence but nothing could be further from the truth.

In the years to come as America begins to deteriorate and descend into civil unrest the Christian Identity movement will rocket into the heavens in terms of it’s influence. The Shepherd’s Chapel ministry represents the most significant aspect of this movement.

As with all successful false religions there are always those who are only too willing to pick up the torch and proceed. Dennis Murray is waiting in the wings to take this thing over and his doctrine is identical to his father’s.

All that being said I like Dennis despite his falsehood. I feel really bad for him because of what he has been brought into by his father.

It would be like being raised in a home where everyone is Muslim. You would naturally believe whatever you are taught to believe… but he is not without excuse. I’m sure there have been many occasion’s in the past where he could have separated but he did not.

I am quite interested now to see how the Chapel will evolve and if the doctrine will change any.

I hope for Arnold Murray’s his sake God granted him salvation despite his heresy and false teaching but I truly believe he died in a lost state. But if it makes you feel any better I will leave questions regarding the eternal state of his soul up to God. I forgave him. End of story.