Eth Ha Adam – the Two Adams Teaching Debunked!

there is no 8th day creation...

The Chapel teaches that there were two distinct creations of man. The 6th day creation, or the “ethnos” and the 8th day “Adam” of who Christ and the Hebrews were to come…

One thing we really need to grasp is that this interpretation of the bible IS inherently wrong, even racist as it implies the majority of humanity didn’t come Adam and Eve.

Further, the teaching itself comes from racist origins and leads to racist conclusions. Not coincidentally, this notion of a 6th and 8th day creation can be found in the Kabbalah and in the writings of Helena Blavatsky, famed theosophist…

There are other curious similarities between Babylonian Kabalistic mystery religion (a.k.a. Theosophy) and what the Chapel teaches such as the ineffable magical name of God ‘YHVH’.

But back to the “two Adams” teaching, it is a significant contributor to the Christian Identity movement. Christian Identity falls under the umbrella of Christian Dominionism. It is beast religion and satanic to the bone and is under the spiritual control of the Roman whore.

Christian Identity adherent gravitate towards Murray like moths to a flame on account of teachings like this…

We’ll find this particular doctrine expounded in his Genesis series. There’s so many lies in that one set of tapes – it baffles the mind. According to this position God created mankind in general on the 6th day, the indigenous races. Then on the 8th day God created Adam, where fairer skinned folk come in. This is British Israelism 101.

Pandora’s Box opens up from here… how did the races survive the flood? Was the flood global or local? These are themes that Murray addresses over and over. Secretly Murray taught a local flood but to risk alienating people he also taught that Noah took the different races on the ark.

God says take two of each flesh, he reasons that the Kenites and other races were included in this commandment.

But what does the bible teach? Does it teach that the races were created on the 6th day and that on the 8th day God created the fairer skinned people?

How did Paul the Apostle understand this issue? Did he believe in two separate creations of man like Murray teaches?

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;” – Acts 17:26

The answer is no. He believed that all men descended from Adam and Eve.

“And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.” – Genesis 3:20

So who are you going to believe? Murray twisted and distorted the whole of scripture to fit his man-made system of religion. If you are one his student’s and you claim to have a love of the truth then it’s time for you to begin to radically question and reject almost everything this man has taught… your soul depends on it.


How Shepherd’s Chapel Teaching Came to Be…


“Only inferior White women date outside of their race. Be proud of your heritage, don’t be a race-mixing slut!”
— Kingdom Identity Ministries sticker

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…

In the 70’s a group of enterprising religionists of the Christian identity stripe sought land near Clarksville, Arkansas for a Kingdom Identity control center of sorts, a headquarters for a popular new strain of religion. Kingdom Identity is the term that encapsulates the theology of a far-right movement known as Christian Identity. The father of this movement was Wesley Swift. All of these men that I’m about to mention were ordained ministers of Swift.

Swift was the founder of the infamous Church of Jesus Christ Christian, California. Murray and many other Identity advocates were under his leadership and teaching heading pastorates of satellite Identity churches.

The names of those seeking to establish this nexus: Wesley A. Swift, Roy E. Gillaspie & Richard G. Butler of the Christian Defense League, Gerald L.K. Smith & Opal Tanner White, Fred Demoret and pastors Arnold B. Murray & Leeland Jandebeur.

Though their plans never came to fruition they met for several years afterwards. Many Christian Identity writings of the 1970’s came as a result of these meetings, and these writings would serve as the intellectual backbone for the movement.

Robert Butler went on to head Aryan Nations.

Fred Demoret became the pastor of Christian Identity Church in Arkansas which was pastored at one time by Thomas Robb, K.K.K (ordained by Swift).

Roy Gillaspie pastored a sister church in Bellflower and published, MEMO U.S.A.

Gerald Smith, a White Supremacist, was part of the America First Committee.  He later formed the America First Party and published the anti-Semitic, Cross and the Flag.

In 1978 Arnold Murray and Leeland Jandebeur teamed up to write The Shepherds Bible, a Christian Identity version of the bible with commentary.

“Now, who stands in Jerusalem today?.. the sons of Cain, or those who will not accept Jesus Christ. The Kenites, that founded a new nation starting in 1948.” (The Shepherd’s Bible, Commentary by Arnold Murray, 1979)

The Shepherd’s Bible embodied what would very soon afterward become the teaching of The Shepherd’s Chapel. A teaching that was formulated by this racist think-tank. Murray began to take to the airwaves with this new doctrine and he had financial backing to boot.

Newsflash! All of these Christian Identity teachers beginning with Swift taught essentially the same thing with some minor variations. And Murray went to his grave teaching it.

How much more instructive would it have been were Murray to tell us about these associations than the fantasies he put forth? But not a word. This is the crowd that Murray affiliated himself with early on in his ministry…

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Shepherd’s Chapel Connections to Swift & Evil Christian Identity…


You ever wonder why Murray kept certain aspects of his past a secret? There is a reason. But Jesus said, “there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.”

Friend, so long as the Lord gives me breath my face is set like flint against the Satan’s works of darkness… the religious deceptions of the Chapel will be trod down like dung; the name of this cult and it’s founder will become a reproach.

WARNING! Shepherd’s Chapel & THE CHRISTIAN IDENTITY MOVEMENT are another facet of Satan’s NWO agenda to destroy humanity. They are part of the Hegelian dialectic.

To fully grasp the Shepherd’s Chapel delusion and how it took shape we must understand “Doctor” Arnold Murray’s connection to two white supremacist organizations called The Church of Jesus Christ and The Soldiers of the Cross Christian Identity training institue and some prominent figures in the late 50’s: Wesley Swift, Roy Gillaspie and Kenneth Goff.

I have started a new channel here on WordPress devoted to exposing Christian Identity and showing it’s tie-in with the Chapel and Joel’s Army. Here’s an old clip by Dr. Swift…

This was one of Murray’s hero’s. Notice the overt racism. William Branham with his Serpent Seed teaching is not far behind, in fact he was affiliated with the KKK as well.

Goff and Gillaspie along with their Godfather Wesley Swift were very instrumental in the formation of the Christian Identity Movement and their financial backing was huge – Murray was simply a vessel for this new age racist theology…

Christian Identity is a bigoted theology espoused by many within the Aryan Nation, the KKK and every other type of white supremacist you can imagine. They believe that only the white people are the true Hebrews, God’s chosen… sound familiar?

And as always, the core tenet of the Serpent Seed…

In fact, Murray isn’t a “Doctor” at all unless you want to consider him a doctor of white supremacist theology — his ministry license was signed by Roy Gillaspie and Kenneth Goff.

Roy Gillaspie was the head pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ – a dyed in the wool Christian Identity fellowship. The church was located in California but there were several located around the U.S.

One of the organizations was in Arkansas – and guess who was the head pastor of that location? You guessed it! “Doctor” Arnold Murray. Seems our supremacist friends ordained Murray and sent him to spread the good news of white power in Arkansas.

In fact, Murray’s initial church, the satellite Church of Jesus Christ, eventually became THE SHEPHERD’S CHAPEL, and is in the same location as the original Christian Identity church un Gillaspie!

Kenneth Goff founded the seminary Soldier’s of the Cross, a training institute for the Christian Identity movement. This is where Murray received his training… maybe this is where his so called “doctorate” comes from… what a farce!

He received his ministerial license from a man (Goff) who described black civil rights protesters as… “seeking to submerge our culture and religious heritage under a flood of cannibalism, voodooism and beastly jungle sex orgies.”

In fact to this day Arkansas records show that a corporation known as the “Soldiers of the Cross” is doing business under the name of “The Shepherd’s Chapel” with Murray listed as the corporation’s agent. The property on which Shepherd’s Chapel resides is listed as property of the Soldiers of the Cross corporation…

So the Chapel is organized under this larger corporation…

What is going on here? Murray never told us about any of this, did he?

Around the time of the early 80’s it was time to for Murray to go mainstream with his “new” doctrine… the rough racist edges had to be smoothed out.

Have you ever wondered how Murray so early on could afford the satellite he commonly boasted about?

Is it possible that they funded the Chapel’s launch into the limelight? Wouldn’t surprise me.

Goff, Swift and Gillaspie borrowed heavily from bigoted Mormon theology – this might explain why the Chapel teaching so closely parallels key tenets within Mormonism. They were obsessed with freemasonry and Pyramidology…

Murray offers Pyramidology book by E. Raymond Capt whose father was a high ranking clansman…

This is from Arnold Murray, answering his critics…

I have never claimed to have received a doctorate from Roy Gillaspie. I do not know where some of these “researchers” came up with this. Roy Gillaspie was simply a beloved teacher of God’s Word and I have never said or implied any such thing. It is true that I have a policy of not publicly stating where I earned my doctorate because then “critics” cannot judge me by association (why would the do that? Oh, yeah, because of Goff). I have always publicly stated that my credentials are my ability to teach God’s Word. To the extent that our Heavenly Father blesses me with the ability to clearly teach His Word then what higher ordination could there be?” – Arnold Murray, answer to critics

God doesn’t ordain anyone to teach religious bat guano!

Charlatans like to create the air of authority around themselves and ascribe titles to themselves like “Doctor” & “Reverend”, even “Pastor” or “Apostle”… don’t buy into illegitimate authority!

I will have much more to say about these matters and the Christian Identity Movement in the days to come…


Was Dr. Arnold Murray Truly a Doctor? Who Accredited Him?


You can click on this image to get a better look. Soldiers of the Cross is the Christian Identity training institute. You will see white supremacist’s Roy Gillaspie and Kenneth Goff’s names on the document and some other details.

Is it possible that this institution, Soldiers of the Cross, bequeathed upon Murray his title of doctor? It sure seems so. Murray denies it but in his earlier messages he himself claims to have received a doctorate under a man named “Roy Gillespie” after he did his dissertation on the Book of Daniel.

I can personally recollect his statements about the dissertation in Daniel and when I get some time I will get you direct source from the audio… this B.J. Oropeza fellow was responding to claims that Murray commonly made over 30 years ago but after the CRI incident in the early 90’s he quit alluding it.

A dissertation is something you submit to receive a doctorate and there are only two possible Universities that this could have been done.

To be sure, there are no dissertations filed by either Gillespie or Murray at the National Union Catalogue or University Microfilms International, a headquarters for dissertation copies in America.

On his “Answers to Critics” page he stated that he that he didn’t publish this information regarding his doctorate because of “guilt by association”… Who were the people he was afraid of being associated with? Here’s his own words:

I have never claimed to have received a doctorate from Roy Gillaspie. I do not know where some of these researchers came up with this. Roy Gillaspie was simply a beloved teacher of God’s Word and I have never said or implied any such thing. It is true that I have a policy of not publicly stating where I earned my doctorate because then “critics” cannot judge me by association. I have always publicly stated that my credentials are my ability to teach God’s Word. To the extent that our Heavenly Father blesses me with the ability to clearly teach His Word then what higher ordination could there be?” – Arnold Murray, Answer to Critics

Tony Pierce, a counter-cult researcher queried the Chapel – the receptionist stated that Murray was a student of Biola University but Biola officials denied this. They stated it was impossible that Murray received his doctorate there because they stated that they didn’t have a doctoral program until recently…

The receptionist also stated that Murray’s dissertation wasn’t available because it was being revised. DISSERTATION’S ARE NOT REVISED ONCE SUBMITTED!

It is clear that there is no legitimate doctorate – this is a projecting of invalid authority… why claim to be something you are not and then not verify your claim?

Soldiers of the Cross was a seminal Christian Identity training institute for equipping leaders of a new strand of white supremacist theology. Wesley Swift, the founder of SOTC trained every manner of influential bigot you can imagine. If you want to understand what Arnold Murray teaches, look no further than Wesley Swift. I will be detailing this in short order…

What we have in Murray’s doctrine is a television network friendly, PC version of Christian Identity teaching repackaged and ready for mass consumption.

Friends, the reason no evidence for the doctorate was ever put forth is because Murray was never a “Doctor”. This is a credibility ploy that didn’t work.

It seems that he was legitimated by the Soldier’s of the Cross organization and their hierarchy – maybe they convinced him that he had all the credentials that he later came to believe in…