Why does God allow people to inflict pain upon others?

Question:Why does god allow people to cause or inflict pain or suffering on others?” – anonymous

Pretext: If God is so powerful and loving why doesn’t He just instantaneously destroy the wicked? It doesn’t quite work that way but some will use the problem of evil to deny the existence of God…

My Answer…

Well, it’s the dilemma of giving His creations free-will. God is love. He created us to love Him and love others. Love presupposes free-will. Free-will presupposes that an individual can choose not to love, i.e. hate. Inflicting pain and suffering on other is hate and it is sin. It was for this cause that Jesus Christ was sent in to the world, to die for sinners. God is long-suffering, not willing that any should perish so He has given these people a season to repent. In the meantime we must seek God to endure wicked people. He uses this negative aspect of things to refine our faith.


Does God Choose NOT to Know the Future?


Viewer question to the Chapel, “If God knows all things, why did He tell Adam and Eve not to eat a certain fruit when He knew in advance that they would eat it?”, Murray’s answer: “He didn’t know.”

This is called, Open theism, and it is a heresy.

Open theism is the belief that God does not exercise meticulous control of the universe but leaves it “open” for humans to make significant choices that impact their relationships with God and others. It also teaches that God has not predetermined the future and that God does not know future in completeness. They affirm that God is omniscient, but deny that this means that God knows everything that will happen.

According to the Chapel, God chose not to know whether Adam and Eve would eat the forbidden fruit. Does the make any sense? Doesn’t the bible teach that God knows the end from the beginning?

Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure…” – Isaiah 46:10

Murray teaches that God doesn’t know whether the “free-will” crowd will choose to believe or not and their salvation certainly isn’t predetermined. God restrains himself from knowing what they will do or interfering in the process of salvation, the decision completely up to them.

Murray’s “elect” on the other hand, for all intents and purposes have no free-will and were justified in the world that was… coincidentally, Murray’s elect are VERY different than what the bible teaches. He teaches essentially two categories of Christian: the elect and the free will.

The Chapel reasons, “how could a loving God give someone life if He knew in advance was going to have to send them hell?” – for them, this is not possible. So God choses to blind himself in a sense.

Given this may seem a problem for human reasoning it isn’t for God. He knows in advance of creation all things, He ordains all.

Their line of reasoning is thus…

“If God commanded them to not eat it knowing that they would and then allowed them to do it knowing the misery that would ensue then this would make Him evil for not doing anything to prevent the outcome. So God suspends His knowledge to not look evil for allowing it to happen.”

Open theism is heresy and denies the nature, sovereignty and omniscience of God.


Does the Shepherd’s Chapel Teach the Pelagian Heresy?


“Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned… – Romans 5:12

The Shepherd’s Chapel denies the true nature of original sin. Original sin is the biblical doctrine that the human race fell into a state of sin and radical depravity as the result of Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the garden.

As a result of the fall, man’s free-will was so corrupted that he is incapable believing apart from God’s grace and divine intervention.

In a question and answer session Murray stated that the only “original sin” in the garden was when Eve had sex with the serpent or Satan’s rebellion in the first earth age. Murray will then go on to state that “free-will” Christians must chose to love God in order to receive salvation.

Folks, what we’re going to discover is that the Chapel is a full-blown heretical Pelagian cult with an unique twist. You see, for his so called “elect” he teaches a sordid kind of Hyper-Calvinism and with the free-will Christians it’s Pelagianism. He’s got two heresies going at one time in reference to justification.

How could one man cram so many heresies into his system of teaching?

So let’s define what we mean by Pelagianism. We will address his form of Hyper-Calvinism in another article…

Pelagius was heretic of the 5th century that denied original sin and that humanity was corrupted by the fall. He taught that humans have within them the sufficient power of free will to chose to believe apart from God’s miraculous intervention.

Murray would commonly teach that God chooses not to know who will come to faith among these “free-will” Christians… that is called open theism, but is also proves his Pelagianism.