Two Former Shepherd’s Chapel Student’s Expose the Cult!

From my internet radio broadcast on 11.02.15 – Colby Braden, devout follower of Murray up until a few years ago gives an amazing testimony of deliverance and shares incredible insight into the nature of the Chapel’s deception.

We put this in-depth expose together to help liberate Chapel students from the snare of false religion… please listen and share!

An .mp3 version of the broadcast is available at the following link…


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

27 thoughts on “Two Former Shepherd’s Chapel Student’s Expose the Cult!”

  1. I dont think that you realize that your argument validates Murrays teachings. Would your zeal be compared to Saul now transformed to Paul the biggest contributor to GODS WORD when he painfully realized that the ONE whose Doctrine he. Persecuted holding the cloaks of those who stoned Stephen.? Think of the time, resources and energy wasted on his and your endeavor to ” weed out” the ones some are convinced are blasphemers. Did not GOD say Vengence was and is HIS? Is it not hard…doesnt it hurt when you kick a cactus when you are barefooted.? I felt like you at the start but when i tried earnestly to disprove this teaching i only proved it as Truth. I love you brother. See to the real folks that need you GOD BLESS YOU.


    1. There will always be people who disagree on certain passages of the bible. As for Arnold and Dennis Murray, their teachings and the way they teach straight from the bible has not only taught me more than any other preacher but also caused me to realize my own sins and to come back to Jesus Christ. I can’t tell you how much i owe them for opening my eyes. I know that they are earnest and full of love for their congregation.


  2. He is not a brother, he is of his father….a liar. I expect this comment to be edited and to be honest, I can not trust that your comment Craig is in it’s original text. He will go in and ‘modify’ comments to suit his agenda.I am going to try to find you on on social media and inbox you. So, check your other folder if you have one…I would love to talk TRUTH with you.


    1. Cindy, I respect you. I don’t know you personally but I’m certain you are a sweet person. It’s comments like these where you insinuate things that I perceive to be disrespectful. You may not think that it is so, but that is the reason for moderation. Mr. Craig on the other hand fully agrees with Murray and he was 100% respectful towards. Not one iota of his comment was moderated.

      Let me explain this, I have hundreds of people who I call drive by commentors – they come through with no genuine interest in discussing scripture, call me something mean or hateful and go on their merry way. I’ve had enough of these that I have already decided, if “I perceive” that a person is being disrespectful towards me, they will be moderated and/or have their comment edited to appear more Christlike.

      I’m sorry if I’ve offended you in any way and I’m sorry if you don’t agree, that’s the way I’ve decided to do it. On the other hand it’s very rare that I even mess with the comments at all; usually someone has to push me past my line – so here’s the deal, for you, post freely but realize it’s a privilege and not a right. When you break the rules I will begin to amend that privilege. Do your utmost to remain respectful and I will go out of my way to leave your comments intact, that’s a promise.


  3. Maybe he was right and maybe wrong. If he was wrong then hey, at least he got you to start thinking and start reading for yourself. Did he ever say “Listen to me”? I remember him often preaching to read the Bible for yourself. Did he ever claim to be a prophet or anything more than a preacher of the word? I recall him being far, far more humble than that. Did you put him up so high in your esteem taking the late pastors teachings as the holy word verbatim as to forego hearing the Lord for yourselves? And what if he was right? What then of your mission to “expose” him? Friend, I too have had my doubts from time to time but the truth is I’m not qualified to pass judgement on a man who has made it his life mission to study in depth the word of God. I doubt pastor Murray ever expected anyone to hold him in such reverence as to expect his beliefs to be 100% correct 100% of the time. If you try to worship a man you WILL be made the fool every time…that is just a given. Please take down this silly website.


    1. Murray considered himself to have special understanding and many times derided those who taught contrary. You are qualified to judge his teaching – the bible says so. At some point you have to call a spade a spade. The Lord Jesus Christ delivered me from this cult and you want me to keep quiet?


    2. Let me ask you this Michael, what part of Murray’s teaching do you believe to be unequivocally true? You are apparently in agreement on some level or you wouldn’t be asking to take the website down which the Lord has used to help many break away from this ministry. Not only will I not take it down but at the proper time I will continue to make more articles exposing the teachings. For now, what I have posted is sufficient to get people to think.


      1. I guess I don’t really know that he taught anything other than the King James version of the Bible. I cannot say I recall much more than that his sermons consisted of simply reading the Bible aloud and commenting on it. Personally I don’t think any man should do any more than that. And I don’t know that there was/is any “cult” following. But nonetheless my comment was hasty. Heck, I didn’t even read much more than the headline of your website. Perhaps you should remove my comment brother.


      2. I believe the site should come down too, but I know that isn’t going to happen and you are entitled to your opinion and have the right to express it. For ME, why I wish you would take the site down is because of what I had expressed before; this is NO way to treat a brother in Christ. It is my belief that it is one thing to come to an understanding that you may have elevated Pastor Arnold in your own mind and therefore he ‘failed’ you, but maturity in Christ should show you that it is the task of the Holy Spirit to do the convicting, not you. Do you not trust that if his teaching is indeed false, the Holy Spirit would help each honest TRUTH seeking believer to discern that with HIS help? When self gets in the way, it is ego. Yes, I do come in here and try to bring truth. And yes, I did get upset with you because of the hatred you express towards someone who is suppose to be your brother. It makes me wonder if you are a true brother, or an accuser.


      3. Hatred? Give me an example – what you perceive as hatred may simply be irritation. No Cindy, I studied with him for a time and didn’t elevate him but I did take him to be a teacher that God sent to convey truth and I was led astray for a time – as I said, the site is a testimony of how Jesus Christ delivered me from false religion. It will continue to be. These days I’m working on a radio broadcast and a plant nursery business so I don’t intend to do a lot of new articles. Most of what I needed to say about it has been said. It will remain to help others to get free.


  4. Please let me know if you’re looking for someone to co-host on your broadcast to do another expose on this cult, the Shepherd’s Chapel. I would love to come on and share what I know about it.


  5. I agree Michael, with everything you said. Timothy did exactly what he was told NOT to do by Pastor Arnold and wants to blame him for his transgression….shame.


  6. Since this website is designed to discredit Pastor Arnold and his teachings AND he is not here to defend himself, I believe it is appropriate to let him speak for himself. It is very possible that if he was still here, he would tell me not to waste my time. But God has put it on my heart to also bring truth to the lie. Therefore I am going to post this link and if anyone wants to know what Pastor Arnold had to say, here it is:



    1. this site is designed to give my testimony of the false religion Jesus Christ delivered me from and to demonstrate to others that the Chapel does in fact teach terrible doctrine and even downright heresy. You have been brainwashed.


  7. I find sites such as these sad, and agree with much of what Cindy and Michael have said. Pastor Murray said it best in the lesson I studied today: “I only need to put forth the Word, what you do with it is up to you” (paraphrased). All I know is that I learned more in one week of study with him than I did in a lifetime of sitting in church. The Word never made sense to me before, even being a Christian all my life. I’ve been through the worst problems of my life in the past six years, but I now feel so close to God I wouldn’t give up one day of those troubles, as I’ve found peace of mind, finally! I’d rather have the info and make up my own mind. I’ve looked at the Hebrew words, most of which have several possible meanings. I agree with no interpretation 100%… who does? There is ambiguity here, and will be until Christ’s return sets us all straight. In any event, not all of us are meant to have “eyes to see.” As a Christian, my preference is to walk the walk, talk the talk, and to build up as opposed to tearing down. I believe I’m a better person from my studies, and my attitude towards others is certainly better. I try not to judge (how hard is THAT), but to discern, and to let God’s love shine through me. I feel we ARE God’s hands on this earth; if we see a need we can fill, we should do it. There is so much evil loose in the world today. Our actions may be the only expience of God’s love some may ever see.


    1. Ziva, he didn’t merely just put forth the word – he laboriously put forth his interpretation as truth which was so rank with heresy and false doctrine I stagger in amazement that you can’t see it. Knowing that, it’s somehow a shame to you that I would speak out against it? What does the word say that we should do when confronted with false teachers and their doctrine?


      1. Timothy, can’t this be said of every single person whose opinion differs from yours? Don’t we feel, as you do, that there is deception, but you’re the one being deceived? We can all gripe about this denomination or another, this or that belief. I feel just as strongly myself that I’ve found truth, and want to shake people and tell them to WAKE UP. Do you feel your 100% correct? I can only go by the unction of the Holy Spirit. If my belief is wrong, I’ll answer for it, as will we all. It’s one of those things I don’t understand: we Christians have all been broken apart by our different beliefs. I can only trust, have faith, and diligently search the Word, praying for guidance from the Word Himself, Christ Jesus. Amen.


      2. I don’t understand a lot of the bible, but the doctrines of the Chapel that God has personally revealed to me as false… I am certain. If you truly go by the unction of the Holy Spirit, I can assure you He will begin to show you. I used to pattern my understanding of scripture after Murray’s. God revealed that was a mistake, and I repented of it and He delivered me from it one teaching at a time. Now I realize the colossal deception that Murray espoused, I pray that everyone caught in it can experience the freedom from false religion that I have through Jesus Christ.


    2. I like alot of what you said.. I’m 37 and i was like 14 when i would wake up in the middle of the night and he on tv and i swear he was talking directly to happened more then once so i started to watch him more and he definitely helped me change my life and i learned alot when my cousin squirted me with a super heavy dose of liquid silver Lsd and i had a level 5 spiritual trip and an ego death, i was kneeling in the shower crying for hours ashamed of my past.. not only did i learn the knowledge of good and evil, i learned what it is to be holy , and it can be achieved, but it is so hard to avoid the temptation that keeps us from living a holy life..

      Not only did i learn more from the Lsd ego death then any man can teach me. .the knowledge is within us and we have to search our hearts and listen it what it tells you because your heart will always tell you what is the right thing and what is wrong. . Problem is most times we dont listen to our hearts and we choose the other path and the pay the price, some people don’t even have a clue they are paying the price for the decision they made.

      I have to be honest tho i clearly remember pastor murry say something and in another video say the same thing was wrong.. ever since then i have been carefully paying attention to what he says and i let my heart guide me.

      I can say one thing , i think i noticed different facial features like sometimes it wasn’t really him talking but an imposter, .. i know it sounds a little crazy but we as humans have no clue of the powers of satan and what he is capable of.

      All i know is i owe pastor murry for planting a seed in me and The Lsd for giving me the key to open up my mind to know the knowledge of good and evil. . I can sence shadyness a mile away and i can see the good or bad in peoples eyes..

      Alot of people don’t like me and i feel like it’s because they can feel the love flow through me and shine from my soul

      I have stories about What happened to me that if i told a dr they would lock me up.. i only tell a few people because i got laughing at and stuff so i only tell a few.

      I will share one or 2.. i was living in Florida and i was working at tje the gate of a private community and i had to sign in visitors. So a black guy comes in with a big 18 wheel truck for a delivery so i sign him in and few minutes after he leaves.. now i see this guy doing like a 10 point k turn and I’m loke wtf is this guy doing. . He turned around and came to talk to me and asked me if i had a special relationship with God..i said what?? He said do you have a relationship with the Father and I said yes this was after the Lsd trip btw.. so he says to me just like this ..i know you do because when i came in you were glowing blue and i want you to know that there are more of us so you are not alone and he specifically told me to be strong because life will be hard for me , and that was my first time having my faith renewed and i will never forget that and he was right.. i am alone , no family or friends i had to cut everyone off in order to make it to the next level on my quest which has been very tough on me..

      But i fell off the path of righteousness only for it to be renewed in a way that made me 100% sure God was with me.

      Long story short i was in Boston at my brother’s graduation and i got into an argument with his girlfriend because i made a comment about some pretty girls and she said to me that i should stay away from my niece who is like 10 and get help.. i said what..what do you mean by that? She replied leave me alone you know what i mean.. so i wanted to leave.. i asked every one of my so called family to help me leave by giving me money to take a bus back to Ct.. no one would help me i couldn’t believe it. .

      My heart told me to walk..and so i walked and walked for miles and rhe first person i met on my journal was a black kid about my age and he waas pushing a baby carriage drinking alcohol so i was talking to him and he was having trouble with his wife a d he was real sad i could tell. .so i walked him home and i know i helped him a little with our talk.. anyways he gave me like 10$ and said that was all he had and i thanks him an.d kept walking. . So i had like $20 now because i had 10$ on me.. i het to the end of the main rd and i was walking for about 3 hours now and i didnt know what way to go so i stopped at a store and asked a lady if she knew where there was a bus stop like greyhound so i can get home to ct.. so she said yea you go down the road and hop on the highway for a few miles a d take the mall exit and its right across from the mall.. so i asked the lady if she would give me a ride please because i was so tired and she said no at first. So i told her what happened and i showed her my drivers license and tried to ensure her she would be safe and i was a good guy so she was hesitant bit still gave me the ride.. i could tell she was nervous so i was talking to her about nice things and how thankful i was for her to give me a ride even tho she was nervous. .

      I’ll be honest I’m 37 and i still dress the same as in high school baggy jeans and nice sneakers , and a hat..alot of people would judge me by my appeance and girls would think I’m a player when i am the total opposite. Never judge a book by its cover.

      So i get to the bus station this is where my journey really turns into my renewal of Faith..

      I ask for a ticket to hartford ct.. the guy said it was $30 and i said aww man i dont have enough and i asked him for a map.. he said he didn’t have one.. i was like come on you dont have a map this is a bus station for goodness sake , he said no and asked me what i wanted a map for i said so i can know the right way to get home to Ct.. he said your gonna walk? I said yea i have no choice. . This guy was an average worker probably making minimum wage he was an indian guy about my age and told me to take all the money out of my pocket so i did and he gave me the $10 i needed to get my bus ticket. . I was so happy and grateful but here’s where the good part comes in.. i had a 3 hours of waiting for the bus so i would see many people come and go.. but i saw this one old white lady try to talk to another white lady probably in her 40’s and the lady completely ignored her..and i watched her try again and the lady just acted like she wasn’t there me and the old lady looked at each other and smiled with looks on our faces of disbelief, so we started talking and she asked me why it looked like i was crying so i told her the story and she was so nice to talk to we had a good talk about life and she was waiting for her daughter to get off a buss with her 2 grandchildren and she tried to give me some money. .so i said no thank you Mam but i have enough to get home but to told me to take it and get something to i was hungry and i took the was like $10.. a few minutes fo buy and she tries to give me more money i refuse and said thanks but I’m good now..she wouldn’t take no for an answer so I took it was like $25 then her daughter comes off the buss and she introduced me and i offered to help with her luggage to the car but she said no thanks and looked at me like i was crazy so i sat down. . Next thing I know the old lady comes back in taps me on the shoulder and hands me a bunch of money. . I said no way, she said God told her to give it to me she said God told her to give me all the money she had on her so i couldn’t refuse a blessing from God. The thing is we didnt even talk about God we just talked about life .. and the whole journey proved to me God was with me and i felt the glow flow through me once again.

      If I didnt listen to my heart i never would have that experience and it confirm that you God guide us through our hearts and ever since my faith has been 100% my life turned around a complete 180

      people who would talk about me bad judging me because I used alot of drugs when i was younger and went down the wrong path are living lives of lies and deceit and shadyness and greed.. especially my so called family. . Never tried to help me but shunned me away because they thought they were better than me.. my Dad is basically rich and only cares about money. . So is 2 of my brother’s both very well off.. one of my brother’s has a Masonry company and wouldn’t even consider making me a partner. . I tried to tell him that together we can make the company grow and start doing bigger jobs instead of just small stuff.. he was mad at me because I quit working for him and i joined the bricklayers Union and they put me through the apprenticeship program at thier school the international Masonry Institute. .

      So instead of being his slave for 10$ hr i was making 32$ with full benefits on top of 3$ per hour into a 401k plan. .they have a pension plan too but you have to be 5 years vested in the union to qualify for it ..unfortunately i got blackballed for working on a big non union prevailing wage job but i had no choice i couldn’t pass on the money it was over $50 hr my checks were 1500$ a week because we would work Saturday and every week 500$ was put in a 401k plan on top of the $1500 how can I say no to that. . But the Union found out because they sued the company i was working for because of this specific job i guess for underbidding and they were able to do it because they only had 4 masons on the whole job and 1 laborer. . I was upset because of the working conditions but it was worth it. . That job helped me .. i got a nice Lexus paid for in cash , i got back with my high school sweet heart and we have a nice place and living a nice life.

      I wish i could tell you about the story when satan appeared in my dream.. i guess i can say it quick.. this was when i was younger and didnt know anything about this stuff.. he appeared in a field i just knew it was him , he looked normal but had a green glowing ball in his hand so i started running and looking back he threw the ball and the triwd to drive off to the side and it hit me in the foot and i look up and he’s laughing saying i got you now.. no joke when i woke up i was sick as hell.. i mean super sick and it took about a month for it to go away.. i went to the hospital and all they said was i had some sort of viruse and there was nothing they can do. . I knew better than to say anything about the dream. . I would of been locked up in the loony bin

      I have more stories but I think I said enough.

      But to whoever is judgmental against pastor Murray and his teaching should be very careful because you are walking on thin ice buddy.. i hate to break the bad news to you but God might be with you but never judge another because you dont know if God is with him more you might have to pay for what you say..

      I’m just saying.. There is no every one is equal stuff .. its our righteousness and our actions that weave our white robes .. i know how it is to lose Gods blessing and the breastplate of righteousness when i got greedy and left my girlfriend hanging. .i reallly paid for it and only after i asked her for her forgiveness and she did because I was truly sorry. .i couldn’t breath at all tje nigth i left
      I took everything all the money and tv and went to a hotel i was gonna leave her but i realized in one night i did the wrong thing a.d i broke promises and God wasn’t with me anymore. .he took her side.. as soon as i came home and we made up i was able to breathe like a champion and i felt the glow flow through me once again


      1. Thanks for sharing – I will make sure I take some time to read everything. As concerning being judgmental we see things differently. Christians are supposed to use discernment and expose the works of darkness, I’m more concerned with exposing Murray’s teaching not judging him. Though I seriously doubt he was saved in the end I will leave all that up to God. If you pray for God to open your eyes a little more on this Chapel stuff then you will understand… I’m 1000% certain of what I’m saying, otherwise I wouldn’t have started a crusade to expose this ministry, the Lord has called me to it.


  8. You’re upset because of some poor arguments from biblically illiterate students who prefer interpretation rather than follow the subject. There’s nothing that difficult .
    Nothing you said resembles facts nor reflect anything true about the chapel.
    The chapel simply reads scripture and the doctrine is built not through interpretation but simple biblical documentation. The fact you can see that means you’re just not all there mentally .

    A cult does not answer Questions at the end of a broad cast , and a cult definitely would not arm its members with the whole word of God. A clut cannot stand in the presence of that much knowledge .



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