Why did Jesus have to die so that our sins could be paid?

Question: “Why did Jesus have to pay for our sins – if God is so merciful and powerful, couldn’t He just pay for it with the snap of his fingers?” – Shea Duane

Pretext: In the religion of Islam this is actually how Allah forgives sinners – he just magically snaps his fingers and sin is gone. The religion requires works on behalf of the deceived to receive such grace from Allah however. Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ satisfies the wrath of God towards sin and that He bestows saving grace upon us by faith in Christ alone. This concept is missing in man-made religion.

My answer…

Because God’s holiness and justice requires expiation and you are a sinner who is incapable of expiating your own sin debt. If you murdered someone and the jury found you guilty, when you go before the judge, do you think he will just dismiss you and let you go free? No. He will punish you severely.

Why would God dismiss your lifelong cosmic rebellion against Him on a whim when even our fallen human court systems wouldn’t do such a thing?

No. You will come to the cross and be cleansed of your sin guilt before God or you will bear the wrath of God in hell for eternity.

Add to that – God does as he willsit was His desire to ordain Christ from the foundation of the world to receive eternal glory as Savior of humanity. God magically snapping his fingers to forgive sin would be like God telling Jesus to take a back seat in His eternal plan.

When a lost sinner repents and is eternally bought by His precious shed blood that brings Christ eternal glory – so I’ll let you figure out why God ordained the death of Jesus Christ from the foundation of the world.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

3 thoughts on “Why did Jesus have to die so that our sins could be paid?”

  1. The most important question is. What was the reason for Christ Jesus to had died for?
    We know by scriptures, Christ Jesus died for the sin of the world.
    The sin of the world is in breaking God’s law.
    What was the penalty of breaking God’s law?
    There was something about God’s law, that brought death to anyone who broke God’s law.
    What was it called by the scriptures?


    1. The questioner asks why did God do it this way, by have Jesus Christ tortured and put to death – couldn’t a merciful, powerful God chosen something else… addressing your question sinning against God brings death – why does sin bring death?


      1. To answer the question, why did Jesus have to die?
        According to God’s law, blood has to be given for the atonement of breaking God’s law, on the most part this why animal sacrifices were done,until Christ Jesus would come and offer his his blood in our place.
        To give us time to Repent of our sin of breaking God’s law.
        This is why Christ Jesus had to die for our sin of breaking God’s law. If there were another way, surely God would haved taken it. But there were no other way, for by the law of God’s blood has to be given for the atonement of sin for breaking God’s law.



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