If Adam & Eve listened to God about the fruit where would be?

Question: “What would’ve happened if Eve and Adam listened to God about the fruit?” – Uriah Moss

Pretext: The bible teaches that God foreordained that Jesus Christ would come to earth to die for sin from the foundation of the world. This is hard for people to understand but God ordained the Fall of Mankind – He knew the result of the test when he commanded Adam. He knew that they would fail and He intentionally put Adam and Eve in the garden with the tempter knowing exactly what would happen… does this make God unjust? No, because He purposed to use these results to effect His Glory.

My Answer…

Understand – If God knew that Adam & Eve wouldn’t have eaten the fruit God wouldn’t have even put the tree in the garden to begin with. God foreknew the result of that test and ordained the fall of mankind so as to bring Jesus Christ into the world as Savior. An eternity with Jesus Christ as Savior brings God more glory than eternity without Jesus Christ as Savior. So when you want to understand why God did it the way He did with the fall of man, that is why. The fall was part of God’s eternal plan. When God created man he gave him the capacity to sin and knew that he would do so… and He knew how He would remedy the situation.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

2 thoughts on “If Adam & Eve listened to God about the fruit where would be?”

  1. This is a corrupted view of our heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ that God purposely set mankind up to fail so that he could send His only Son to suffer and die horrifically and selfishly receive all the glory. This is not the God I serve. The God I serve wanted to test mankind’s love for Him by placing the forbidden tree in the garden to see if Adam and Eve would love Him enough to obey Him (the greatest sacrifice & praise to God is obedience to Him and His word). Yes, He foreknew what would happen, so He already had the backup plan (Jesus) in place since the foundation of the world so He could show us our fault and the effects of our disobedience throughout time, how much He loved us from the very beginning and still loves us now. We owe Him big time by surrendering our all to Jesus through confession AND repentance of our own sins (smoking, fornicating, cussing, etc.), prayer, and studying of His word daily. Amen.


  2. In John 14:15, Jesus says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (obedience & this is also talking about the 10 commandments) And John 15:10 states, “If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide (remain) in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love. (obedience) Jesus is the only example for us to follow, which is one of the reasons why He came (to show us how to live righteously, not ungodly). So we have no excuse. We have help! All we need to do is to ask for His Holy Spirit in Jesus’s name daily who gives us the power to overcome sin and live a righteous life reflective upon the character of Jesus. IF WE REALLY WANT IT! John 14 (whole chapt & John 15 (whole chapt) are a very good study. Go deep into the study with Jesus inviting Him into your study and asking for His guidance and understanding of His word. Amen.



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