Jesus Christ Delivered Me from the Shepherd’s Chapel


 “But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.” – Ephesians 2:4-5

My first experience with Shepherd’s Chapel was in early 1994 – I was 16 at the time. I happened across a study on the local channels one morning, with Murray teaching in his common manner. At the end of each study he does a Question and Answer session.

A question came up about the dead sea scrolls. It was about the Gospel of Mary. In some of the fragments there was a reference to a secret relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Murray deftly explained the problem away.

You see, at that time in my life I was tormented over this issue with the dead sea scrolls and particularly this Gospel of Mary Magdalene – but Murray adequately assuaged my doubts and I began a frenzied period of bible study with the Chapel to learn more.

At the end of the broadcast they advertised the free “Mark of the Beast” tape and introductory letter with recommended study tools and other information. I took them up on the offer. At the time I felt like I had discovered gold and began to assimilate the Chapel doctrine rapidly.

Before long I was poisoned. My struggle to break free from the grip of this cult would drive me into atheism, occultism and mental insanity.  In December of 1994 in an effort to separate myself from all of this I renounce all belief in God and became an atheist. A period of rebellion and vacillation between atheism and belief in God would go on for the next 9 years.

During those periods of brief belief I would invariably gravitate back towards Shepherd’s Chapel only to rebel again. These stints of religious faith were characterized by fascination with Shepherd’s Chapel themes, insanity and hospitalization.

On this blog I have detailed many of my experiences along the way and the freedom from false religion that only Jesus can give…

On February 14th, 2003, the Lord Jesus Christ saved me from the atheistic path of perdition I was heading. Almost immediately I began to drift back into Shepherd’s Chapel teaching. I got the mark of the beast CD and started to collect and study the Chapel’s material all over again.

Initially I remember the Lord convicting me to stay away from him but I was unable to do so… I just couldn’t see the bible outside what I had learned from Murray.

Within a short period of time I had a job and was tithing regularly and buying reams of study material from the Chapel – such was my commitment to Murray’s teaching. I would passionately share the teachings with others…

This period of time was characterized by astounding mental delusion and instability but God kept me from completely breaking down into madness.

I couldn’t conceive of anyone else having the depth of insight into the true meaning of scripture and I wanted more than anything to be one of the 144,000… I mean who wouldn’t? I would come to find out later that Murray’s insight was merely a gnostic façade.

You see, genuine truth from God’s word is for all – not for a select group of elite believers like the pastor from Arkansas taught. Murray’s stock response to those that would question his wisdom was that they weren’t the elect, that they were blinded and that only a small group of select students could understand.

In Fall of 2003 I for the first time became aware of Lance Knight’s ministry. Lance was a student of the Chapel and had a rather large following. He produced his own teaching material and taught the Murray system with a flair and charisma that the old man simply didn’t have.

In Spring of 2005 Lance had an “awakening” and repudiated the Shepherd’s Chapel and began to teach a new doctrine that I can only describe as Latter-Rain like.

For a time I would continue to study with him but it would soon become apparent that he was more deceived than before he come out of the Chapel. His heresies began to multiply and that’s when I cut anchor and began to turn away from man’s teaching and put my trust in God.

I would begin to radically reject the Shepherd’s Chapel and Lance Knight. In April 2005 I remember taking all of my study material to the dump and throwing it away. I even had a pricey companion bible – it went as well.

It would take several years to fully break away from the elements of Murray’s system of deception but the dye had been cast. Because of his lies I would never see him in a favorable light again.

It’s hard to understand the harm that cultic religion causes when you’re in it… when you come out of it then you begin to see.

My foray with the Chapel began in early ’94. It would unleash madness and instability in my life that will take some time to recount for you here. By the grace of our Lord Jesus it no longer has any hold or influence on me. I pray the same takes place in your life whether it be with ministry or any other false teacher that may have a foothold in your life…


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

29 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Delivered Me from the Shepherd’s Chapel”

    1. Mindy so what? There was a time when Lance was a devout student of Murray – I studied with both of them. Arnold Murray is leading God’s children astray and his son. I’m glad that you’re praying for me but I already put my trust in work that Jesus Christ did for me at Calvary.


  1. Why do people spend so much time trying to disprove a teacher who teaches the Word like it should be taught? Maybe you don’t agree with him on some things, but it is GOD who is the judge not you.

    Most normal people would move on or continue on for themselves in their walk with GOD. Not try to discredit the man who most likely taught you much of the word and how to study for yourself. How ungrateful can you get? I am sure this is just the tip of the egotistical iceberg.

    Why don’t you spend time exposing all the other muck going around. Yet you choose to bash a fellow servant of GOD. Shameful. I was around when lance knight fell because of Pride and I see you have followed suit. Disgusting.


    1. Why is it funny? Murray has done more to distort the meaning of scripture than anyone I have ever known. The bible in many places calls out false teachers and commands Christians to do so as well. You’ve been led astray and I am saying something about it – I understand why you find that disgusting. I guess that’s the natural response of someone who has bought into a terrible lie. You have bought into his deception, I hope you wake from it.

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      1. Timothy, thank you for this. I’d like to hear more, a continuation of where you left off. I’ve been watching Aronld Murray HERE AND THERE over the last couple of years. Some things he taught just didn’t seem right to me and I’m here through a search to find out why.


    2. If he taught you how to study for yourself you’d do it and cry out for wisdom and discernment and see you’re being deceived, if Jesus revealed Himself to you. He tells you, you’re the elect yet my friend who’s heavily indoctrinated by Murray has so much hate in his heart he’ll never enter the Kingdom without repentance and truth being revealed to him. His fruits are spoiled. And he gives to them and studies Murray as if he’s God Himself. If it didnt come from Murray its not true. It is scary. He knows his hate and alcohol are separating him from God but in his words “I love my hate”. You shall know them by their fruits. His are rotten. Murray is antichrist. Not THE antichrist but a sham. I will pray you seek Jesus for yourself and find Him in study on your own not from this wolf.

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  2. Looks from your writing is you had a spiritual issue and not an issue with man. You can’t take responsibility for your own actions and loss. I am sure you wont put my comments on because you have a personal problem which you choose to blame a teacher instead.


    1. I was foolish for studying with him to begin with, but then again I was a young person with no discernment…

      Sure I take responsibility; you don’t recall the text that talks about false teachers casting stumbling blocks. How do you know God hasn’t led me to expose this false religion? Because I can assure you he has, so your comments miss the mark with me. I’m doing what the bible calls me to do.

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      1. LOL! or crying out loud! Sounds to me like you picked up the beggars bag. All will answer for there actions good and bad!


    2. You are so correct. Pastor Murray was the best teacher of the Bible. There’s no cult here, only GOD’S word being taught truthfully.


  3. Why do you blame Arnold Murray for not being able to stop studying with the chapel? Many people stop studying with the chapel with no problems. How did this “cult” keep reeling you in? By teaching the Word of God like they always do. Did Arnold Murray make threats to you and make you stay? What youre saying doesnt make sense. What you describe sounds like demonic oppression. Not Arnold Murray oppression. Im glad you beat it but Arnold Murray had nothing to do with your condition. Satan did. Good luck to you. I will pray for you that you can stay on the right path and resist Satan if he tries to come back. Shepherds Chapel or not. Im just glad that youre a Christian brother even though I dont agree with you and most things you say seem delusional.


    1. They quit studying with the Chapel, but do they still believe the teachings? I quit studying with them too, and still believed the teachings until the Lord delivered me. Actually Arnold had a lot to do with it because what I believed he literally taught and believed himself. There was plenty of demonic oppression and if you follow that ministry I can assure you, you will experience it to. You want to alleviate Murray from responsibility when the bible is very clear what the penalty is for false teaching. How can you ignore that?

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  4. Jesus said straight is the way and few find it. Pastor Denis is wonderful. Never have I heard a person explain more than just one verse. Every popular game right now is about killing the devil. Diablo, saints row, no person would knowingly worship him. However people would worship someone they Thought was Jesus. Satan is the king liar. With every religion waiting for all they’re own messiah and that crazy rapture nonsense seems super plausible. Even if I don’t agree with everything he says he’s drove me into the word. Like the late pastor said check me out for yourself. And everyday in God’s word is a good day.


      1. Seems that is your problem, you have rejected the Word of GOD! There are many that will soon pray for the mountains to fall on them from shame.


  5. Lance Knight is the real deal. I was studying with Lance, and remember when he started, what I call the I am experience. I didn’t understand a word he was saying about his experience, Stood up , Said he had a new name and if you were supposed to go further you would. At the time, for me was the strange. I tell the truth, he wasn’t lying, about 4 months later, something started happening with me as well, I received my name, and an experience that changed me completely, the Day of the Lord, Not sure as to how many did the same, haven’t spoke with Lance in a number of years, but he did arise for his people, I will never be able to give you what we found, but I can tell you where I went to get it, Thank you eternally Lance Knight (M) I like Arnold Murray as well, Lance went all the way!!! All I can tell you is I could never thank Lance enough, He went beyond religion and found God in the same book you read . the Holy Bible


    1. I truly enjoyed studying with Lance, I used to speak with him on the phone and tithe to his ministry. I had all of his teaching material. So I remember everything. I essentially reject Murray around the same time that he did. But at that time God began to open my eyes to Lance Knight. God was working with Him but he was still very deep in error…


  6. when its so hard to achieve and you break through, you really see how hard it will be for the rest, want a hint????????? do what the red letters tell you to, give away all you own and so on, who knows , maybe you could achieve what the man you call false has, the bible said it would be that way


  7. I was watching shepherd’s chapel tonight for the first time, and some of the things he taught made good sense too me, but I do believe that I have the guide of the Holy Spirit to be able to discern between facts and fiction. I also believe that God will teach his creation right from wrong and will guide them according to his will. So if this man or any man misleads God’s creation, God will overcome, and the deceiver will answer for adding, taking away of the Holy Bible. But if you feel in your heart that it is God’s will for you to discredit this man and try to convince others, then I’ll be praying for you.God says all will know of me from the least to the greatest, all will have the choice to repent, so my advice is for you to pray to God for guidance and love and understanding, and if you repent , or if you have repented, you will not be fooled by Satan, and God will teach you of his ways. God bless and be with you always.


    1. Such a wonderful reply that you answered her in kindness. I listened for the 1st time this wk and so far like what I heard. I will pray on it and have God show me if his teachings are true. I’m checking out other sources also bcus no one has explained what he taught was false, so I can’t make a decision off the comments. Thank you because from you I felt a love of God.


  8. Hey Timothy now you are a couple of years older with no discernment. How sad. We are all sinners saved by grace and no one is perfect except for the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Not even Dr and Pastor Murray. If you are in such a position to judge that they are teaching falsely why don’t you pick up your bible and teach us every thing that you learned from God while you were on the isle of Patmos. Fact is if you are really tuned in to the Holy Spirit you should be able to discern the real truth and skip over the imperfections when someone is teaching the Bible. Ask the Father for wisdom knowledge and understanding when ever you pick up your Bible and you will not have a problem with the truth. That’s what I do


    1. Yes he does a lot better than what I’ve learned setting in church he is not perfect but neither are the pastors. Who are not teaching that the anti christ is gonna act like the son of man he has taught a lot of things that would of lead me right to the anti christ so I feel his teaching is pretty on point to what God wanted us to get from the Bible no he’s not perfect he’s a man but I’ll take my chances listening to him over anyone else and I’ll determine what to keep and what to put on the shelf for later!!


  9. Pastor Arnold Murray has opened my eyes to the understanding of GOD’S word that I was missing before. I thank him for being a good teacher of true scripture. He’s not perfect, he’s human. He’s the first one to admit that. I only wish I could have met the man before his passing. You should remember Pastor Murray’s teachings, not to judge. We already have the ultimate judge. Our LORD GOD IN HEAVEN.


  10. Knight was a whack job, and had a nervous breakdown, it was no “enlightening.”

    Anyone who has actually studied the DSS knows there were other wrtings found along with those that made it into the Canon. The Murrays hold the opinion the DSS are valuable but so is the church fodmation and history beyond them. They are very competant teachers I studied under Arnold for many years. And I am a Catholic Apologist.


  11. A true Christ man or woman or child of the TRUE GOD would not do what you are doing. I truly believe Satan has decieved you because he was losing you when you found the truth. Nothing you have stated about this holds any truth. Nothing they teach or do could corrupt anyone…God help you as you are lost and confused.



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