Flaming Guano Batman, We’ve Solved the Batcreek Stone…

Bat Creek Mound Tablet

“Peer reviewed work of Mary Kwas and Robert Mainfort has demolished any claims of the stone’s authenticity. Mainfort and Kwas themselves state ‘The Bat Creek stone is a fraud.’ ” – Kenneth Feder, hoax expert

Ah, the Batcreek Stone. Unequivocally the sheerest of archeological frauds that Murray is found supporting…

Though I never took much interest in the archeological meanderings of Murray he was trying to establish something very important to his teaching. He wanted solidify the notion that the Hebrews came to the Americas and left evidence behind…

I mean, if they made it to America, how much more easily did they make it to Britain as well?

But is that so? And what about this Batcreek Stone which was claimed to contain Paleo-Hebrew writing thus proving the migrations of the ancient Hebrews?

 The British Israelist’s want to convey the image that ancient Israelites swarmed to every corner of the globe and that the chiefest of these destinations was to be found in the new promised land itself, Britannia…

One key facet of Anglo-Israelism is the premise that the descendants of Judah’s son, Zerah, split off from Israel and migrated rapidly to the England arriving around 1,000 B.C. – Pharez as you recall was the firstborn of Judah but Zerah stuck his hand out first recieving the scarlet thread thus laying claim to blessings of kingship.

Folks, British Israelism and the Batcreek Stone are frauds. Murray presumes to demonstrate his expertness in the ancient Hebrew language by interpreting a con which he takes to be true… the following video exposes the fable of the Batcreek Stone and Murray’s unique penchant for distorting the Hebrew to prove his pet doctrines.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

31 thoughts on “Flaming Guano Batman, We’ve Solved the Batcreek Stone…”

  1. I have listened to Pastor Murrey for years. I have learned more about the Bible than in my entire life. He will tell you one thing. Do not take my word or any other man’s word for what I teach. Look it up for yourself.. He goes on to say that he is a Bible teacher and never judges anyone.

    He never judges and ask people not to send in questions about ministers, organizations and such because we do not judge. That is God’s job and not ours.

    You can make fun of this man with your silly show but if you are going to do such a serious show, I suggest you be serious about it and not act like this is a comedy show. Is that the only way you can get an audience? You are taking this one stone and judging this man. I suggest you think twice about this because that is God’s job.

    In my opinion, he is a man of God and wanted to teach people the word because he took no money nor has he ever for doing it. He passed away Feb 2014. There are a lot of false teachers in the world but he isn’t one of them. Because he teaches us things we never had a clue to understand doesn’t make him a liar as you are suggesting..


    1. He was a false teacher Brenda, he taught damnable heresy and though he has passed away his system of religion has quite a following. I don’t do a lot of work with the blog but when encountering people such as yourself who haven’t been convicted by the Holy Spirit for their involvement does a lot to motivate me. I will continue to expose this cult.


    2. I totally agree with U Brenda T. [baisle@gmail.com] use this. I’m trying to be covert. It would be easier to give U addresses to join a lot of AM students. It is a battle. I met Murray when I was 48, that was 1997. Lots of church life as a child. Learn so very little & most of it scared me. I was going to church with my mom when I was 6.
      Even then I could not understand why this so-called preacher was running off at the mouth about whores, murderers etc.
      But, the catch is it was the same ppl week after week. Small church. I remember looking around and thinking those ppl are not in this room. Yet, he would have an alter call every Sunday.
      Moving along; My dad died when i was 8[1957] in a car accident. It was brand new. It was totaled. But, my dad had insurance on it. So when the insurance paid off, here comes the preacher wanting his 10%. Every body was really hot. My mom did not drive. She didn’t get any cash. Not one dollar.
      There was other insurance & this con got his 10%.

      Later I got a step-dad, mom remarried a man that in 1952 went to school to be a preacher. It took a while but he found out that over half of the students did not even believe in God. Just looking for a easy job. THIS WAS IN 1952.
      My step-dad & mom have gone to meet the Lord. Not one teacher taught me more than my step-dad already knew. And he didn’t come close to finishing the school. He bailed out fast.
      Finally I found Murray. This old man reading the Bible to me[1997] I took me over 2 years to wrap my head around what he said. But, then he got to one of my stumbling blocks – God loved Jacob, but hated Esau. And they were not born yet. How could this be.
      Asked a preacher, He said “God know everything he[Esau] was going to do. My 1st thought was, there goes FREE WILL OUT THE WINDOW.
      Now main stream preachers are becoming gay and the congregation voted him in as a deacon.

      It is late so i’m going to cut this shorter.
      I was in electronics. Straight student, bound for R & D. I say this so U will understand I’ve done a lot of research in electronics. THE MAIN I FOUND WAS EVERY WORD COUNTED IN THESE TEXT BOOKS & IF I WANTED THE GRADES i WOULD HAVE TO USE THE DICTIONARY.
      This awaking i brought to my Bible studies with Murray.
      All the strings that the main-stream preachers left hangin, Pastor Murray tied them in to knowledge & it fit.
      When I heard that little boys were already getting a unnatural attraction to other boys i was shocked. They had not gone through puberty. That is when I realized that Esau & gays had to make up their minds before being placed in the womb. And Esau already a wrap-sheet that was very long….

      I was on a YOU Tube of Tim Campbell’s when i saw this address. So i punched it in. And time for the comedy. This dude has not been out of high school very long.
      I know so many ppl that are still in high school and they are close to my age.

      Murray was the best I’ve ever met, i’m out going so i’ve met a lot

      Keep the faith,
      Good night & God bless


      1. Hi Basil Bill. I’m glad you are entertained – you can learn and laugh at the same time. While you’re enjoying the comic relief, don’t forget to consider that the Shepherd’s Chapel teaches severe heresy and is leading many astray. You are defending a ministry that the Lord has given many warning and insight about. Quit appealing to emotion and use discernment.


  2. spend your time teaching God’s word Not discrediting some man. Many people follow the chapel cause they love learning God’s word. Where else can you find someone teaching verse by verse? I haven’t found any other place yet! Start a church and teach verse by verse if you know God’s word better or think you’re a better person. It seems that’s all these sites are about. Putting someone down for this and that. Why don’t you Go to every church in this world and critique every pastor? We obviously love hearing God’s word! We’re tired of only getting milk and not meat. Same messages over and over and never getting the full grasp of what God’s word is saying. Reading it with understanding makes it real. All these specific things are miniscule. The word in whole is huge. I personally don’t take everything the chapel preaches and think it’s God’s word. I take in the definitions so i can have understanding. When people say Murray is ( was cause he’s past on obviously) arrogant, i can not disagree. But also i understand why he is. Everyone wants to criticize this man but no one is doing what he is doing and he didnt even take a pay for it. I don’t know. Something is wrong with us as people! None of us are perfect so why do we expect someone to be? Tearing down a man’s credibility who teaches God’s word? Like i said If you know the bible so well then why don’t you start doing what the chapel has been doing for years now? Teach us God’s word in whole. We are hungry! We want to learn and understand. I’m not smart enough to read the bible and understand all the words and names. I don’t know when something is a figure of speech. I’m smart enough to stay away from snake handling churches. I think that one is a no brainer. But for instance, that which pertaineth to a man, i do believe what the chapel says that it is a figure of speech pertaining to gay sex. Some of it makes total sense. At the end of the day, we have more understanding from watching their teachings and that to me is a great thing. Another is acts 2.38. Breaking apart God’s word. Yea if you only read the 38th verse you would have a penticostal view. But after reading the whole chapter you have our view. We understand it ALL. When it happened and when it will happen again. I love you all and wish we all just knew God’s word and there were no arguments. Unfortunately we don’t. A lot of things have happened to corrupt the word. It corrupts us. I feel like if i say the word kenites I’m a cult. I’m not naming anyone a kenite. I would never judge anyone to that. I look at my life and honestly think that of me. And if by chance i am i have learned that even i have a right to repent and be a child of God for all souls belong to God. I know where my family that have passed are. I understand the promises. The woes. I been in churches my whole life because i believe and love God but i learned more in one year from the chapel than all those years added together. I been getting myself up an hour before my family gets up in the morning for close to three years now. Hungry for God’s word. I want to learn! Many people do. You could spend more time teaching against radical terrorists than some place teaching God’s word in whole. Its shameful since you aren’t replacing them.
    I found these sites because my uncle who cares deeply for me thinks I’m racist for studying with the chapel. I love you uncle Donnie! I don’t feel as if I’m in a cult anymore than i did sitting in a church. I can’t remember in whole this teaching cause we’ve only done the book of genesis once, but i do remember being taught erets or something like that. From the earth tree. Anyways, its no big deal to me if you think that teaching is wrong. If they were eating an apple and not having sex with the serpent than fine. We will know for sure soon enough. And if we die before the end none of this will matter anyways. These are teachings that warn us what will happen in the day of Jacobs trouble. Rapture for instance. How will any of this matter if we don’t make it to the end. The so called rapture is suppose to save us from it. I use to believe that until i read. In churches you get a verse or two and the rest is some man telling you his thoughts on it. I know this cause i been in churches and can attest to that. How can anyone read 2thes 2 and not get it? But it is written over and over yet people still teach this. There are so many types for antichrist written of.
    Another problem i see often is i talk to people about this and try to share what I’ve learned and i ask them questions but they have no idea what I’m talking about. People who have been I church their whole life. They don’t know. Why is that? I was the same way till i started reading everyday. So I’m made to feel like a crazy and a cult for reading everyday. And a racist. I’ve never been to a kkk rally. If they held a march on my street i would go in my basement and ignore them. But you think this guy is teaching racism cause you don’t understand. You say he’s wrong but can’t say what is right. It makes sense to me the way the chapel teaches the sin in the garden. The other way doesn’t make sense. Why would They cover their private parts with fig leaves? Also how did Cain and able both come to the age of accountability at the same time if they were not twins. Why did Cain kill Able? And the biggest question i have is house did Cain go to the land of Nod and marry if Adam and Eve were the first people created? I’ve heard people say there was another woman in the garden named Lillith. I don’t see that in the bible. So if Adam and Eve were the first people it makes more sense. Why do the races have longer history of being on the earth? Why does the bible say God realized he had no one to till the earth? This is after he rested. Why does it say the angels came down and took up marraige with the daughters of Adam? Why aren’t we taught about the real reason for the flood and why Enoch was translated, and what he was teaching? Teach us God’s word! If all this is wrong teach us verse by verse the truth so we can understand like you. Didn’t Paul say something like – i want my letters to be read and not preached? Yet every Sunday it is picked apart and preached and not just read and explained. I pray for all of us! We are some mean evil people!!! Myself included. I know for a fact I’m in need of a savior! I also know that isn’t the only role of Jesus. Just as Satan has many roles. So if i do live thru to the tribulation and things don’t go down as was taught in the churches of my past, i know what to expect. I also know what to do. How many can say that? Our do you just think you’re gonna be up in the clouds? And when you’re not you’ll probably think you’re not saved or something. Like you got left behind. The thing i was never explained was “woe to those who give suck in those days”, “overcomers will be saved”, “people will pray for mountains to fall on them” i know that when the true Christ appears in a twinkling of an eye we will all be changes and know the truth. I believe that. And if I’m not in a spiritual body then I’m being shammedd by the false Christ. I know what the 10 horns are. Who they are, what they can do. Who the first and second beast are. Stuff no one teaches cause they think no need because of the rapture. The Pharisees and the saducees treated Christ the same way all you people treat the chapel. Strange ain’t it? I just think if you have this much time on your hands then spend it on something productive like teaching us in the same fashion instead of insulting and judging. You’d be surprised how many would follow. Not everyone wants to learn. Many don’t care. But many do. I’m one of those that want to know and understand. I do not believe everything i was taught prior to the chapel because reading in whole has taught me differently. Before i was made to remember key verses that accumatively add up to their doctrine. But that was as far as they went. So if i add up let’s say five verses a week on Sundays which is being generous, i could never in a lifetime get the whole bible read. Especially when the sermons are repeated over and over again. Who there would sit down and read it with me and explain it without making me feel stupid or burdensome? And why the same salvation message every wrk with no visitors. How many times do we need to be saved And close our eyes, raise our hands,And say your prayer with you? Heb 6
    I gotta sum this up somehow cause i feel i could go for days. I’m not racist. At least not by color anyways. I give everyone a fair chance. I know there are good and bad in every race!!! Everyone knows that. I still feel that all these arguments are stupid! There’s a lot to be exposed in all of us. In three years I’ve never felt like i was being led to be racist. I believe the answers are in God’s word. I wish God’s word could be taught without arguing. I wish you people would do the right thing if you are convicted that Murray is wrong and teach us in the same setting the real truth then. Not by insulting and trying to ruin someone who is teaching verse by verse’s credibility. Makes me want to just give up in life and forget learning God’s word cause of so much controversy innertwined in it. I’ll be looking for your show on tv our tiger net. Let me know when you can make a go of it.


    1. I hope you want to give up studying with the Chapel, they turn God’s word into foolishness. Listen, we’ve all been misled and deceived about various things in our lives. You can acknowledge that the Chapel has led you into error and repent of it and start over because of Jesus Christ, just like I did. I don’t care about tearing Murray down personally, my hope is to turn people away from his cultic nonsense and so they can really begin to understand the truth of God’s word.

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      1. are you a atheist? Paster Murry is a saint bro! he has saved so many people from being misled and you try to discredit him?? shame on you!in his words “you are a Caanite” have fun trying to discredit a true scholar and those of us who watch him know he is sitting right beside GOD as i type this to your ignorant self. again, shame on you!!


    2. Wow, that was a long post! You asked: Why would They cover their private parts with fig leaves?
      If I recall correctly God covered Adam and Eve with skins (after they attempted fig leaf wear). I believe that God covering them with skins (in which God would have made a sacrifice to do so) was a sign of God’s future covering of man’s sins with the ultimate sacrifice of Christ. Why didn’t they cover their eye’s because the Bible says that Eve SAW that it was good for food (Gen 3:6). Jesus taught that it was sin to look upon and lust after a woman (Matt 5:28 – But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.). Why don’t people wear coverings over their mouth when they say sinful things? It should be common sense that when one realizes their naked they cover their privates. I guess common sense isn’t so common. The Bible teaches that God made woman for man’s help. What is the physical difference between man and woman? Could it be possible that our privates are not to be shown to anyone else besides our mate?


      1. You still haven’t taught me why adam and eve covered their private parts. Do you think they ate an apple? I believe they were beguiled. Holy seduced. Why else would God say to the serpent i will put emnity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed. Where is the serpents seed if he didn’t have sex?


      2. They covered their nakedness – what does this have to do with having sex with the devil? – there other less perverse reasons for why Adam and Eve covered themselves, perhaps it was their feeble human attempt to cover their sin and guilt for the shame they felt.


  3. So, because you found one thing that you think is incorrect you decide to totally discredit a man that has done nothing but good for the world?

    Pastor Murray’s clear cut explanations, which are backed up by scripture, that he has researched, has given hope and clarity to many, many people.

    Pastor Murray has learned the ancient languages in order to clearly understand the true word of the Bible instead of the many differing interpretations of the Bible which have been done by many different men.

    His teachings have more common sense and offer more understanding than any other religious teaching I have encountered in my 73 years on earth. I am filled with hope from Pastor Murray’s teachings. More than anything, I am truly grateful that I accidentally found him that morning that I was surfing the TV channels.

    Thank you, Shepherd’s Chapel!!!


    1. Hi Sharon. This is one of a multitude of articles exposing Chapel teaching. It goes way deeper – the author of the video points out the same inconsistencies in Murray’s approach to scripture and original language that others have… he was being dishonest, plain and simple


  4. If you really knew what you are talking about you would be doing your own bible study chapter by chapter. Instead you try to make your own self look wise by tearing down someone else’s teaching. Why don’t you let Pastor Murray RIP.


    1. Hi Lizzy, don’t have a tizzy. First of all, we are dealing with his legacy he left behind. Let’s bracket that off. I could care less if I look wise, I can be quite a buffoon but it doesn’t make me wrong. Invariably I’m going to look foolish to all the Chapel followers so your assessment is not accurate. My question is a simple one… how is subjecting Murray’s doctrine to the scrutiny of scripture somehow a bad thing? This is in fact the way cults think, they cannot endure someone questioning their position. What I am doing is biblical. I give a testimony of my deliverance from the cult, I give teaching to help pupils get free from the error and I give a preaching of the gospel, this is what you are fighting against… something God called me to do.


      1. Hey there Timmy, When you start your own bible study chapter by chapter and verse by verse, please contact me. But one question, you said God told you. Was wondering what that is about? How did He tell you?


      2. Awe, a term of endearment for little ole me? Tizzy Lizzy you shouldn’t have. God told? God called? As in God called a person to do something? Surely this isn’t a foreign concept? You were hoping for something a little more edgy…


    2. Liz, how is Timothy keeping Mr. Murray from RIP? Is it even possible for someone still alive in the flesh, in this body to disturb one who has died? IF (IF) Murray is not at rest, it is not anyone’s fault but his own. Please show me the Bible verse that shows that one can keep the dead from RIP.


  5. do not understand why you are so dedicated to denigrating this particular religious belief. Surely, you must have many other Christian or Non Christian entities to focus on? like, maybe your own?

    For those of us that are grateful to Pastor Murray for his information, let us enjoy our peace, happiness and the comfort that we have found.

    You should move on to involvement in your own belief systems. I wish you peace.


    1. I’m not interested in that – I am very interested in demonstrating what he is teaching that is false and the correct interpretation of scripture. I am not as dedicated to it as it seems. I will go through periods where I work with this and move on – I did in fact come out of this cult so I have a testimony to share with people. I want to see people get free from bad religion and put their trust in Christ, surely you understand that?

      As the Lord gives me insight I will continue to do articles and teaching to help others get free.


      1. Stick to the “Jim Jones” type of false and dangerous beliefs. Pastor Murray has never guided us all to “drink the Kool Aid”.
        Focus on your own salvation – no one appointed you the Savior – we all can choose for ourselves. We do not need to be hassled or berated for our choices. No one has ordered us to “Plant our Seeds with thousand dollar bills, or to handle snakes or talk in tongues, etc. Even those believers have the right to their own choices. You are starting to sound a bit like the “Brown Shirts” of early Nazism. Are we all to follow your thoughts and opinions? No one is threatening or forcing you to be an advocate for Pastor Murray’s teachings. We are at peace – again, I wish the same for you.


      2. You are hassling yourself and who is berating you? The articles are here to help God’s elect get free from false religion and I will continue to add. In the future the attacks will only become more convincing until the Lord has completely exposed this ministry for all to see. I am sharing my testimony, criticism of the Chapel and teaching to help students caught in this to get free. I am exercising my freedom of speech. I am no advocate of the Chapel, you can rest assured. It is my prayer that you find deliverance in Jesus Christ.


      3. No – not hassling myself. An immature method of trying to defend an argument. Makes no sense.

        you berate anyone here in the comments section that does not agree with you. You and you alone have ordained yourself as The One that has the right to continually harass and characterize the followers of Pastor Murray as lame brained sheep – unable to understand simple logic.

        I will point out that your rantings are never done with simple logic. You have gotten so convoluted that I doubt you, yourself, no longer can determine where your thoughts and beliefs are going.

        If you have found The way, then, again, follow it in peace and leave the rest of us alone. Heed Pastor Murray’s teaching – “Judgement is not for us humans. It is up to God to determine how each of us are to be judged”. Simple and true logic!!


      4. I am hassling you? Did I berate you? What you call berating I would call something else and apparently you haven’t read the comments very well because I rarely have anything harsh to say at all.

        You don’t seem to understand – I am concerned primarily with the false teachings and heresies of the Chapel and there are many articles pointing these out in detail, not in attacking Murray personally.

        But since most of what we are discussing originates with Murray, yes, I have to call him out by name.

        You know the premise of the blog, the Chapel is a cult that I have come out of… you say that I ordained myself; sorry, I don’t agree – the Lord Jesus Christ has given me the freedom to expose this ministry and give my testimony to the best of my ability and I fully intend on doing so.

        Jesus says if the blind follow the blind they all go into the ditch. The followers of Murray are truly in a lot of trouble, calling them lame brained sheep would actually be a compliment.


    2. sharonpdx, how is Timothy harassing you? I really do not understand. This is a blog made by him, you have chosen to comment. He did not hunt you down. You are on your own free will.


  6. I will say one thing for the late Pastor Arnold Murray, when he taught from the Logos he was a very fine teacher. I completely turned off his political and racist rants, because he was just a fallible man with weaknesses of the flesh as we all have. I sat on a church pew for decades and never evolved above milk toast and it wasn’t until I started studying with Arnold Murray that I tasted meat for the first time. We are taught. “That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment” so it would behoove us all to study to show ourselves approved unto YAH and rightly divide the word of truth each one for themselves. Satan could be using you also.

    “For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”


  7. To all those that have written in here in praise of Pastor Murray, I applaud you. As with many of you, I too, was raised in church, Catholic by the way, because that’s what my momma was. I also went to the Catholic school at St. John’s church in Fairview so I ended up going to mass six days a week and, I too, learned more from Pastor Murray in two months than I did in 15 plus years as a practicing Catholic.

    I started studying with Pastor Murray back in 1995 and even today, I record his program here in Largo, FL at 5:00 am so I can play it back later in the morning. Too old to get up at that hour every morning. And although I hate cable and satellite tv, I still signed up for it for the specific reason of getting to listen to Pastor Murray five days a week. The money spent per month is well worth what I receive from the Father in return.

    I could go on and on but I’ll keep this short. Keep studying with Pastor Murray, keep reading and studying on your own. If you don’t have one, please get a Companion Bible as it helps a great deal. I still check out Pastor Murray, even after 20 years of studying with him. I’m not going to depend on some MAN to take care of my own soul.

    I have a web site called http://www.thelightforever.com and I would invite you to come study with me some time. Also, after studying the Scriptures for over 20 years I sat down and wrote a small book called Time, Truth & Wisdom. It’s 25 chapters covering 25 different topics. It’s on my web site and it’s free to anyone who wants to download a copy. It’s also in PDF format so it should be readable by most computer users.

    Chances are good that the fella that runs this site will delete this post as soon as he reads it but maybe the Holy Spirit will intervene and some of y’all will get this.

    Stay strong in the love of our Father and God bless.



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