Did God Save Noah Due to His Genetic “Perfection”?


“These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.” – Genesis 6:9

The Identity crowd seem to be fixated on racial purity. One of the Chapel’s stock teachings comes from Genesis 6:9 concerning Noah’s perfection.

This passage is take to be about Noah’s genetics but nothing could be further from the truth…

According to Bullinger, Noah found grace in the sight of God NOT because he was morally upright, but because his DNA was uncontaminated by the sperm of fallen angels. I’m going to share the Bullinger appendix for this one.

The Genesis 6 teaching concerning hybrids and the fallen angels is a huge deception that is spreading through the land. Does the bible really teach that fallen angels had sex with human women? And that this was the cause of the flood, to kill off these hybrid beings?

Bullinger himself taught this error to Murray, notice the last part…


Appendix 26 from Bullinger Companion Bible entitled Noah “Perfect”

The Hebrew word tamim means without blemish, and is the technical word for bodily and physical perfection, and not moral. Hence it is used of animals of sacrificial purity. It is rendered without blemish in Exodus 12:5; 29:1. Leviticus 1:3,10; 3:1,6; 4:3,23,28,32; 5:15,18; 6:6; 9:2,3; 14:10; 22:19; 23:12,18. Numbers 6:14; 28:19,31; 29:2,8,13,20,23,29,32,36. Ezekiel 43:22,23,25; 45:18,23; 46:4,6,13.

Without spot. Numbers 19:2; 28:3,9,11; 29:17,26.

Unified. Psalms 119:1.

This shows that Genesis 6:9 does not speak of Noah’s moral perfection, but tells us that he and his family alone had preserved their pedigree and kept it pure, in spite of the prevailing corruption brought about by the fallen angels.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

One thought on “Did God Save Noah Due to His Genetic “Perfection”?”

  1. Simply, you are jealous bigots. Try reading the original manuscripts and Strongs along with your cherry picking scriptures and self rightious attitude. Ptetty sure Heaven has a spevial place for those such as yourself…



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