Numerology, Gematria, Kabbalah & ‘Christian Divination’

Biblical numerology is really just divination
Biblical numerology and gematria is just a form of divination…

“A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas…” – Matthew 16:4

Divination is successful conjecture by unusual insight or good luck… 

Some people make great usage of biblical numerology, gematria and other gnostic tricks to support their speculative claims about prophecy, current events and the meaning of the bible. Biblical numerology almost always devolves into a form of divination which the bible condemns.

(Deu 18:10) There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch…

Gematria is a kaballistic system for discovering the hidden meaning of letters, words and sentences using numbers and letters from the alphabet. In my years of studying with the Chapel I have seen these things utilized over and over again.

We have E.W. Bullinger in part to thank for this version Christian occultism that the Chapel and others adopted. Bullinger produced a book called Number in Scripture dealing with this subject. Seems Bullinger had a knack for Christianizing Babylonian occultism.

Freemasons, Cabalists and other Gnostic emissaries utilize numerology in their system of false worship…

It is true that the bible uses numbers in a curious way but the fact remains, show me anywhere in the scripture where the intrinsic meaning of certain numbers is defined: YOU CAN NOT.

What we do have are a bunch of false teachers trying to exert their authority by acting as though they have some great insight, using techniques of wrenching meaning from things that the bible condemns. Consult any two biblical numerologist’s for their interpretation of a number and you will get two different answers.

This practice of divining meanings from numbers using Gematria and other kaballistic techniques of divination is condemned in scripture.

One thing we’re going to begin to notice in the upcoming articles is the similarity between Chapel teaching and the kaballah… the infamous tetragrammaton (four letters) of God’s name, ‘YHVH’, is taken directly from the kaballah.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

2 thoughts on “Numerology, Gematria, Kabbalah & ‘Christian Divination’”

  1. No, you are in error. Numerous places in the Bible God tells us to use gematria and count. Rev.13:18 is one. Psalm 147:4 He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

    Divination is using familiar spirits to tell you prophecy and use horoscopes, mediums, witchcraft. The Holy Spirit will guide you into using Bible numerology and gematria in his Word to reveal the prophecies. If you have the spirit of wisdom and understanding then you will count numbers in the Bible and use gematria.

    The so called churches tell people that numbers is divination and it isn’t. It is wrong when it is used to try to predict a future outcome that isn’t in God Word.

    The book of Revelation is written in numbers and mathematics because numbers don’t lie.


  2. Here is how to count the number of the beast. You must be in the KJV Bible to count.

    The number of the beast is 313 and not 666. Must unveil the word number SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX to get the hidden manna.

    Rev.13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    God didn’t say the number is 666. God said the number is SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX and to count it. In order to count the number we must assign a number to each letter in SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX and add it up to get the number of the beast. Once we have the number then we match it to a man name. We use simple English gematria to assign a number to each letter in the alphabet.

    Gematra A=1,B=2,C=3,D=4…….Z=26
    Go to
    Enter SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX =313 English Ordinal
    Enter VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH PUTIN =313 English Ordinal
    SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX =313 and 26 letters in the number
    SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX = 19+9+24 + 8+21+14+4+18+5+4 + 20+8+18+5+5+19+3+15+18+5 + 1+14+4 + 19+9+24 = 313 (English Ordinal)
    (26 letters, 5 words)

    VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH PUTIN =313 and 26 letters in the name
    VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH PUTIN = 22+12+1+4+9+13+9+18 + 22+12+1+4+9+13+9+18+15+22+9+3+8 + 16+21+20+9+14 = 313 (English Ordinal)
    (26 letters, 3 words)

    God said count the number so we have 26 letters in the number. We need to count TWENTY AND SIX to get his birth date.

    TWENTY =107 AND=19 SIX=52
    TWENTY = 20+23+5+14+20+25 = 107 (English Ordinal)
    (6 letters, 1 word)
    AND = 1+14+4 = 19 (English Ordinal)
    (3 letters, 1 word)
    SIX = 19+9+24 = 52 (English Ordinal)
    (3 letters, 1 word)

    10-7-1952 President Putin birth date and is the beast of Rev.13:18

    Pope Francis has the same number and is the false prophet. He became the Pope on 3-13-2013 which is the number of the beast 313.

    Jesus gets all the glory and credit!!!



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