Shepherd’s Chapel Connections to Swift & Evil Christian Identity…


You ever wonder why Murray kept certain aspects of his past a secret? There is a reason. But Jesus said, “there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.”

Friend, so long as the Lord gives me breath my face is set like flint against the Satan’s works of darkness… the religious deceptions of the Chapel will be trod down like dung; the name of this cult and it’s founder will become a reproach.

WARNING! Shepherd’s Chapel & THE CHRISTIAN IDENTITY MOVEMENT are another facet of Satan’s NWO agenda to destroy humanity. They are part of the Hegelian dialectic.

To fully grasp the Shepherd’s Chapel delusion and how it took shape we must understand “Doctor” Arnold Murray’s connection to two white supremacist organizations called The Church of Jesus Christ and The Soldiers of the Cross Christian Identity training institue and some prominent figures in the late 50’s: Wesley Swift, Roy Gillaspie and Kenneth Goff.

I have started a new channel here on WordPress devoted to exposing Christian Identity and showing it’s tie-in with the Chapel and Joel’s Army. Here’s an old clip by Dr. Swift…

This was one of Murray’s hero’s. Notice the overt racism. William Branham with his Serpent Seed teaching is not far behind, in fact he was affiliated with the KKK as well.

Goff and Gillaspie along with their Godfather Wesley Swift were very instrumental in the formation of the Christian Identity Movement and their financial backing was huge – Murray was simply a vessel for this new age racist theology…

Christian Identity is a bigoted theology espoused by many within the Aryan Nation, the KKK and every other type of white supremacist you can imagine. They believe that only the white people are the true Hebrews, God’s chosen… sound familiar?

And as always, the core tenet of the Serpent Seed…

In fact, Murray isn’t a “Doctor” at all unless you want to consider him a doctor of white supremacist theology — his ministry license was signed by Roy Gillaspie and Kenneth Goff.

Roy Gillaspie was the head pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ – a dyed in the wool Christian Identity fellowship. The church was located in California but there were several located around the U.S.

One of the organizations was in Arkansas – and guess who was the head pastor of that location? You guessed it! “Doctor” Arnold Murray. Seems our supremacist friends ordained Murray and sent him to spread the good news of white power in Arkansas.

In fact, Murray’s initial church, the satellite Church of Jesus Christ, eventually became THE SHEPHERD’S CHAPEL, and is in the same location as the original Christian Identity church un Gillaspie!

Kenneth Goff founded the seminary Soldier’s of the Cross, a training institute for the Christian Identity movement. This is where Murray received his training… maybe this is where his so called “doctorate” comes from… what a farce!

He received his ministerial license from a man (Goff) who described black civil rights protesters as… “seeking to submerge our culture and religious heritage under a flood of cannibalism, voodooism and beastly jungle sex orgies.”

In fact to this day Arkansas records show that a corporation known as the “Soldiers of the Cross” is doing business under the name of “The Shepherd’s Chapel” with Murray listed as the corporation’s agent. The property on which Shepherd’s Chapel resides is listed as property of the Soldiers of the Cross corporation…

So the Chapel is organized under this larger corporation…

What is going on here? Murray never told us about any of this, did he?

Around the time of the early 80’s it was time to for Murray to go mainstream with his “new” doctrine… the rough racist edges had to be smoothed out.

Have you ever wondered how Murray so early on could afford the satellite he commonly boasted about?

Is it possible that they funded the Chapel’s launch into the limelight? Wouldn’t surprise me.

Goff, Swift and Gillaspie borrowed heavily from bigoted Mormon theology – this might explain why the Chapel teaching so closely parallels key tenets within Mormonism. They were obsessed with freemasonry and Pyramidology…

Murray offers Pyramidology book by E. Raymond Capt whose father was a high ranking clansman…

This is from Arnold Murray, answering his critics…

I have never claimed to have received a doctorate from Roy Gillaspie. I do not know where some of these “researchers” came up with this. Roy Gillaspie was simply a beloved teacher of God’s Word and I have never said or implied any such thing. It is true that I have a policy of not publicly stating where I earned my doctorate because then “critics” cannot judge me by association (why would the do that? Oh, yeah, because of Goff). I have always publicly stated that my credentials are my ability to teach God’s Word. To the extent that our Heavenly Father blesses me with the ability to clearly teach His Word then what higher ordination could there be?” – Arnold Murray, answer to critics

God doesn’t ordain anyone to teach religious bat guano!

Charlatans like to create the air of authority around themselves and ascribe titles to themselves like “Doctor” & “Reverend”, even “Pastor” or “Apostle”… don’t buy into illegitimate authority!

I will have much more to say about these matters and the Christian Identity Movement in the days to come…



Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

18 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Chapel Connections to Swift & Evil Christian Identity…”

  1. God said that his children would (not know who they were in the end) but be numerous and be blessed and the last time I checked The United States is the most powerful country in the world today and mostly caucasion. The tribes went over the caucus mountains into the U.S. and settled. That is history not racism. All ethnic nations will have kings and queens in the millennium that go to the temple to worship God. Stop hating and get to work educating people so that they are equipped to handle their destiny.

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    1. You don’t know how racist your comment sounds. And what about U.S. power? The power of this sinful nation is going to be completely shattered.

      You say it’s history but let’s open up the discussion – be specific Jane. Where is the proof that Britain and America fulfill prophecy made in regards to Jewish tribes? You have bought into British imperialist propaganda from the 1700’s. This blog deals with that. You don’t think I didn’t know all of this stuff? I know it to be the devil’s lies. You are under mind control.


    2. All races were created on the 6th day. Adam was created on the 8th day. He was the start of the Caucasan Race (blood in the face) This is the race Jesus came from. There is nothing racist about the white race. All races were created by Our Creator and all is good.


  2. You said Pastor Arnold Murray started with Soldiers of the cross church. Looking back at myself I went to ten churches before crying out to God. My face on the floor in tears distraught where is His true word being taught. Most of us have gone to different churches with that bein said. Pastor Arnold Murray has done a swell job in teaching Gods word. And I am proud to say I have been with my Shepherds chapel family for 16 years. Thru pastor Murray who in obedience to Gid has changed me and made me a better person and out of debt. I do not need to question where he gets his license. Anyone who gets on this thing and put one down only shows they are missing Gods true word and I pray for you all. My Pastor is in heaven absent from the body present with the Lord. Thank you Pastor Murray. I have much comfort and peace inside me knowing Gods true word. Pastor Dennis Murray has taken on Gods work. God bless you all at Shepherds Chapel. Many more come and join our family

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    1. He was a comfort to my mother. I know some of his viewpoints regarding rapture kind of enraged a lot of people. But the word rapture is not even in the Bible. I did not always agree with Pastor Murray, but I would put a lot more into what he says than the other so-called mainstream ‘preachers’ on tv. As far as calling him a racist, let God be the judge. I cannot stand racism. But my own grandparents could be as well as older people from that period. It takes time and education to get away from those things when you have grown up with it for so long as unfortunately a lot of grandparents and ancestors had. What matters is he told it like it was on rapture. Keep christians asleep and thinking they are going to just fly away from here before the one world government sits up


      1. I didn’t find Murray to be racist, what I found was that his doctrine definately was – the purpose of the article is to show the connection between what he taught and it’s racist origins. Invariably, racist teaching will lead one to conclusions that are at odds with scripture and the nature of God.

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  3. For anyone who seeks to truly understand Gods word, shepherds chapel is a great place to start.I challenge any true believer to dive into the Bible to try to prove Arnold Murray wrong.and you can then see for yourself what is true and what is lies.when true men&Weman of God do His work it kills satin and his little workers begin telling their lies to try to destroy.learn the truth don’t let wagons little lyers

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  4. Don’t let satons little lyers decieve you look in the Bible for Gods true teachings.Don’t be decieved by satons lies Arnold Murray was a true man of God and a Great Teacher of our Father’s word.

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  5. Timothy, is it racist if the Jews are the chosen? or the black or asian Israelites? Everyone claims to be the chosen. The idumeans were forced to convert by john hyrcanus and are only chosen if the line is through edom. You throw around “mind control” but use trite and socially constructed language that only is used by someone taking cues from pop culture.


  6. Arnold Murray was a gnostic and a false teacher. He taught that people are saved by gaining an intellectual knowledge of the Word. That is a false gospel and it is sending people to hell. Quit drinking the kool-aid!



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