Was Dr. Arnold Murray Truly a Doctor? Who Accredited Him?


You can click on this image to get a better look. Soldiers of the Cross is the Christian Identity training institute. You will see white supremacist’s Roy Gillaspie and Kenneth Goff’s names on the document and some other details.

Is it possible that this institution, Soldiers of the Cross, bequeathed upon Murray his title of doctor? It sure seems so. Murray denies it but in his earlier messages he himself claims to have received a doctorate under a man named “Roy Gillespie” after he did his dissertation on the Book of Daniel.

I can personally recollect his statements about the dissertation in Daniel and when I get some time I will get you direct source from the audio… this B.J. Oropeza fellow was responding to claims that Murray commonly made over 30 years ago but after the CRI incident in the early 90’s he quit alluding it.

A dissertation is something you submit to receive a doctorate and there are only two possible Universities that this could have been done.

To be sure, there are no dissertations filed by either Gillespie or Murray at the National Union Catalogue or University Microfilms International, a headquarters for dissertation copies in America.

On his “Answers to Critics” page he stated that he that he didn’t publish this information regarding his doctorate because of “guilt by association”… Who were the people he was afraid of being associated with? Here’s his own words:

I have never claimed to have received a doctorate from Roy Gillaspie. I do not know where some of these researchers came up with this. Roy Gillaspie was simply a beloved teacher of God’s Word and I have never said or implied any such thing. It is true that I have a policy of not publicly stating where I earned my doctorate because then “critics” cannot judge me by association. I have always publicly stated that my credentials are my ability to teach God’s Word. To the extent that our Heavenly Father blesses me with the ability to clearly teach His Word then what higher ordination could there be?” – Arnold Murray, Answer to Critics

Tony Pierce, a counter-cult researcher queried the Chapel – the receptionist stated that Murray was a student of Biola University but Biola officials denied this. They stated it was impossible that Murray received his doctorate there because they stated that they didn’t have a doctoral program until recently…

The receptionist also stated that Murray’s dissertation wasn’t available because it was being revised. DISSERTATION’S ARE NOT REVISED ONCE SUBMITTED!

It is clear that there is no legitimate doctorate – this is a projecting of invalid authority… why claim to be something you are not and then not verify your claim?

Soldiers of the Cross was a seminal Christian Identity training institute for equipping leaders of a new strand of white supremacist theology. Wesley Swift, the founder of SOTC trained every manner of influential bigot you can imagine. If you want to understand what Arnold Murray teaches, look no further than Wesley Swift. I will be detailing this in short order…

What we have in Murray’s doctrine is a television network friendly, PC version of Christian Identity teaching repackaged and ready for mass consumption.

Friends, the reason no evidence for the doctorate was ever put forth is because Murray was never a “Doctor”. This is a credibility ploy that didn’t work.

It seems that he was legitimated by the Soldier’s of the Cross organization and their hierarchy – maybe they convinced him that he had all the credentials that he later came to believe in…


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

29 thoughts on “Was Dr. Arnold Murray Truly a Doctor? Who Accredited Him?”

  1. I also studied with Pastor Murray back in 1997, I think his teaching makes people focus on things they shouldn’t, Jesus is all that matters, who is the author of confusion, Satan.

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    1. Here is a sample of Dr Murray’s teaching. I urge those who say they have never heard him teach to listen, and to checkout his teaching, via youtube, concerning the Kenite and four hidden dynastys, rapture theory….etc…


  2. Shepherds Chapel should focus more on salvation since so many people are watching and some of his theological perspectives have been debunked such as a National Israel at the end of this age which will consist of only the tribes of Israel, that is not New Testament theology

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    1. Churches are where one expects the salvation message to be pushed out, mostly. What about those that are already saved? Could it be that they might enjoy and be enlightened by a more in-depth study? Such as a verse by verse like the Shepherd’s Chapel provides?


    1. And that is what this blog is about, the power of Jesus Christ who died to deliver us from all these things… did that answer your question, or did you selectively disregard that part? I have been 1000% transparent, honest and straightforward, unlike the beloved cult leader.


  3. Shame on you for one thing and one only, talking about a dead man for one! Plus I have studied along with this man for years nothing he teaches that is from the bible is out of context. Yes he adds his opinions but he teaches straight from the bible. To gossip about the man is wrong for one thing who made you judge? God is the judge. And if you ask me this is all your own opinion of this man. Well my opinion is he was a great teacher with much wisdom! More than I can say for you Mr Campbell! This man Arnold Murray has only led people to Christ and giving them peace of mind in a dark world. He dont teach contrary to the word, and you sir here are a false teacher in my opinion! Please stop dragging his name thru the mud. And as he would say have a nice trip! Your ship you sail it, dont let it wind up on the rocks. If you truly followed the bible you would see he has read straight from it. So stop with your insults and leave this man in peace! Your absurd and not doing Gods work. Author of confusion Mr Campbell!!!

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    1. No, shame on you friend. By your definition those people who have passed away are beyond reproof regardless of what they taught. By this reasoning all the great cult leaders of time past are unassailable. I will exercise righteous judgment and discernment and I will relentlessly tell the truthmy goal is to that the Lord Jesus Christ delivers not only you but all who are ensnared in this.

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  4. This is just all insane and crazy. Why is this guy a cult leader? How can reading verse by verse chapter by chapter book by book be misleading. The only thing I got from this is that the author of this site has a superiority complex which is scary. When someone believes they know it all well they start to become god like and lose all credibility. Like I said this site is just insane and crazy.

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    1. Why because I write articles giving testimony, exposing specific issues and teachings, so people can get free? If that’s having a superiority complex then sign me up. There will be a lot more in the future I can assure you of that… my attack on the Chapel system of false teaching is only beginning.

      It’s part of Mystery Babylon, it’s coming down.


  5. Ha Ha too funny. I can’t wait for your response to my other post. I can only imagine the insanity after 20 years of blind faith for a Pastor to be let down by him and to do what you do now with all this keyboard warrior complex. It must be a struggle to live between your two ears. But seriously go back and read what you post……The Lord has called upon me to deliver Pastor Murrays followers from eternal damnation. If you were even remotely who you think you are wouldn’t he want to use you in a positive light? But again I am sure you have a rebuttal because the insanity is real on this site so let’s hear it.

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  6. One last post for you since I know you know how smart you think you are. As you fell away from this pastor and have gone in my mind way overboard and obsessive compulsive what would you do if Jesus appeared to you and said you are completely wrong for devoting your time to undermine a dead man? Just curious but I am pretty sure I know what’s coming.

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    1. The only thing you have done is appeal to emotion in the face of overwhelming scriptural condemnation of the Chapel system. And no, I’m not the slightest bit concerned. Why should I be? Jesus Christ died for my sin and I rest my hope in his finished work, not whether or not I might be offending someone by telling the truth.

      Here’s what you need to realize sir – false religion is a deadly thing. You want to play with it? Prepare to be bitten.

      I pray continually over this blog and the readers, and I pray continually for the Lord to show me what needs to be said and what needs to be changed. So I am constant communion with Jesus Christ concerning the content of the blog. He called me to expose it and give my testimony, if something needs to be changed then the Holy Spirit will let me know in one way or another.

      And how do you say undermine a deadman?

      If I were addressing any cult, I would invariably reference the teaching of someone who has long been deceased. Does that somehow make his doctrine above reproof? I’ve worked with the blog only here and there over the years simply updating articles and occassionally adding. I am 100% certain that my witness is true in regards to the Chapel.


  7. He’s the wealthiest independent church broadcasting nationwide never taking a salary. Would God be blessing him if he taught false doctrine? You keep saying its false but never provide a single example, ie. Et ha aDam debunk, debunk it then man. You’re a waist of time. I read a lot of good S.C. groupy testimonies though filled with faith and evidence of being changed by the Holy Spirit. (fruits of the Spirit). I detect no such love for mankind in your writing. Perhaps your listening to the wrong god…Ahhh AntiChrist, Satan the ‘ol Serpent. LOL you Kenite.

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    1. When you call me a Kenite you provide me with all the motivation I need to keep exposing this ministry. Thank you. You are thoroughly deceived by this man; repent, turn from religious idolatry and turn to Jesus Christ.


  8. Wow! A real Kenite! Is this your only blog? All I see, is a person I’ve seen many times. Pressing their fingers in my chest, saying, my way or your doomed to hell. You’ve only questioned that piece of paper and its origin and managed to insult a few commenters. As Arnold Murray stated “I have never claimed to have received a doctorate from Roy Gillaspie” is probably a true statement. I see a few signatures, but no proof that Murray accepted. I see his name, but not his signature! Did the Twelve Apostles need a license to teach the message of Jesus? Murray was better than most. Why don’t you take out your frustrations on those who preach without a Bible in their hand and receive lots of money? If I were a betting man, I would say that Murray repented a long time ago. I see no hatred in Murray’s teachings. You also stated that “Dennis is 50 times better at preaching the gospel than his father”. I don’t know what you’re listening to, but I’m hearing the same message. Murray’s message: Our Father loves his children and repent before it’s too late! 6s 6t 6v. And if you love and believe in Jesus Christ and God Almighty, you will live an eternity as promised. NOW, WHAT MESSAGE ARE YOU HEARING?

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  9. Biola University was established in 1908, it is hard for me to imagine that Biola only “recently” launched a doctoral program. They had a seminary in 1952.
    By 1949, the Bible Institute had become a flourishing Bible college and in 1952 launched Talbot Theological Seminary to further serve the Christian community. Under Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland, who became president in 1952, the college continued to grow in size, programs and reputation. The demands imposed by the growing student body and the enlarged curriculum prompted the purchase of a 75-acre site in La Mirada in 1959, the same year it received accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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  10. As a completely new person to this Shepherd’s Chapel business I must say I’m just looking and asking God to bestow his wisdom on me and to guide me on this whole SC business. I can honestly say that I was told to check it out, by a person who I love and care about who is a Freemason even though I have no ties and don’t plan on ever having ties to that organization. Back to the point, the person who told me to check this out seems to really be into the SC organization. I don’t know how long he’s been into Shepherd’s Chapel, but he was quite adamant about having me listen and follow. So we together watched the son who’s leading it do a live broadcast, and we watched a couple of videos, then we watched one the deceased father’s older videos. We didn’t find particular video he wanted to show me but we spent a few hours looking through some footage. I questioned some of the things he was speaking about, and some of it I agreed with. Was quite curious about the 3 earth ages thing, and about how Dinosaurs (behemoths) were taken from earth via trembling or earthquake. Also spoke on how earth won’t be destroyed by water(yes I believe that) or fire(never heard of that before) again. Was curious about that, but I can honestly say I’m ignorant on somethings in the Bible. Just started to read the Bible on my own terms. Which is why I was presented the Shepherd’s Chapel videos in the first place. So after I digested all this information and I prayed that same night to God to show me or guide me to find out if this is what he wants me to know. While I agree all this information is wonderful and very interesting that this SC is saying, I feel personally that is should never take away from the Gospel, that The Father sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for are sins. That Jesus Christ was buried and rose again on the 3rd day. Now I’m not saying that this SC isn’t teaching this because I don’t know, I haven’t seen all that they are preaching I haven’t got into what they’re particularly into, all I’ve seen is a few videos 4 videos to be exact. I truly believe that God has sent me here to speak about my experience so far with this. I don’t blindly follow the advice of others when it comes to my spiritual faith for God. I ask him to help me to guide and to assist me in almost all things nowadays, and I always give him praise and glory. So when I woke up this morning I decided maybe I should look into this Shepherd’s Chapel organization. I just so happened to come across this site and this article, I also came across all these comments. I must say that I’m dissapointed. Not at the people who are commenting on their personal experiences, but at the people who are so adamant about Shepherd’s Chapel, those who are following this organization. I’m disappointed because you feel the need to attack the person who is presenting his opinion on SC and his past experiences with it. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, but for you who call yourselves Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) and you post your comments with anger and hatred towards the author of this article is a bit hipocrytical. I’m not perfect myself and I’m full of flaws too, but the Lord knows I’m working on them. If someone is attacking your church, you don’t respond with anger and hatred, Jesus Christ never taught you that, matter of fact he taught against that. So as a Christian (follower of Jesus Christ) why do you think that you’re in the right to behave that way. All you’re doing is showing that you’re not of Sound Doctrine. All this being said is that you’re not doing Shepherd’s Chapel any favors by posting your hateful comments. To add to all of this, I remember thinking to myself as I was watching the leader of this Shepherd’s Chapel I believe his name is Dennis Murray (not 100% sure, like I said I was just introduced to it) read and respond to questions and comments at the end of his livestream, I remember thinking that he seemed angered or annoyed as he read these questions and comments, there didn’t seem to be any love or anything good coming from reading these questions and comments, which seemed very odd to me. So no I won’t be diving into this Shepherd’s Chapel organization like the person who introduced me into it wants me to. Like I said the man who introduced me into this is a Freemason and while I personally think there is something off with that, he’s also a Pastor, who I don’t think lives his life quite right. I know he doesn’t live his life with a sound doctrine. I can’t Judge him, because like one of the people who posted said only God can judge him and will. I do thank God for having me step back and realize that this Shepherd’s Chapel maybe isn’t all it may seem to be. If you’re into this church then I hope, no I pray that you seek God out and ask for his wisdom when it comes to this church, I have the utmost faith that God will let you know rather or not this is what you need in your life or not. All this has been my experience with Shepherd’s Chapel. I’m not saying anyone who follows this organization is in the wrong, I’m not saying that they’re in the right, but I will say that when you post a comment on here out of anger and hatred that you’re in the wrong and that you are sinning, and if you’re truly a follower of Jesus Christ that you take a step back realize that you have sinned and you ask God to forgive you.

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    1. Campbell has devoted an entire site to attacking Shepherd’s Chapel and Arnold Murray, yet you criticize the comments made against Campbell by those who study with Shepherd’s Chapel? I call BS, and Liar.


  11. My brother-in-law has been studying with his programs for years now. He has been teaching some of Murray’s Strong Concordance takes on the scripture. He really believes in Murray’s interpretations. Our pastor caught onto his strange subjects during Bible studies and asked him to stick to scripture. I can’t seem to reach him at all. He thinks that this man of God (Murray) just simply cannot be wrong. He is quoting him more and more. I am having a hard time listening. It is like he is totally demolishing the word hacking away til it doesn’t makes any sense at all. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. Satan having sex with Eve and having Cain. Tares in the book of Mathew being Cain’s future generation.What is this about other races before Adam and Eve? Sons of God being fallen angels and that females become pregnant again. It really seems that the devil got the jump on God according to Murray. Does not all ttake away from the story of God having a son being conceived of the Holy Ghost. It seems like the devil got the jump on God with all this Satan seed being spread about. Any suggestions on how I can open his eyes to this blasphemy.


    1. Have you listened to Murray, with Bible and concordance in hand and opened to the section that is being taught? Listened to the detailed translations of names, of words and definitions? If you have not, you don’t know what you’re talking about, or like Campbell, you have an agenda, or maybe you are one of those people that God intends to keep the truth from for your own good?


  12. It is interesting to hear this brother write about a book(I’ll assume both actually read) two family members understand it says two different things. One thinks his brother is wrong because he thinks Adam and were the first and only humans from which everyone came from, after eating some fruit. Today, we don’t need to take Jesus’ words literally, as long as we are born again.One side wants to save those deluded rapture believers from being carried away by Satan. The other side wants to save their Bible reading brethren from some cult of Dispensationalism. Maybe, leaving both Pastors back at their pulpits and just reading and discussing the Bible together, brother to brother makes more sense.



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