Cult Wars! Mormonism & Joseph Smith Exposed ~ w/Colby Braden

Recently Colby Braden and I began a new series exposing the main false religious movements. In this installment of “Cult Wars” on 01.20.16 we take up our assault on the stronghold of Mormonism. There are a lot of similarities between the Shepherd’s Chapel and Mormonism, some of which we will address. In this broadcast we uncover the foundation of this very deceptive cult…


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

9 thoughts on “Cult Wars! Mormonism & Joseph Smith Exposed ~ w/Colby Braden”

  1. Why do you and your commenters (even the supposedly “faithful” Shepherd’s Chapel followers who post here) DISHONOR Dr. Arnold Murray by refusing to use his proper title: It is Doctor Arnold Murray.

    “Dr. Arnold Murray” as it clearly says on my official Shepherd’s Chapel tapes. Get that? Doctor Murray.

    The fake commenters claiming to be his students would know that and would not defame him if they were real followers.

    This is a coordinated effort to dishonor Dr. Murray by deleting his educational accomplishments and credentials as a holder of an advanced degree (the HIGHET DEGREE OF EDUCATION) which proves he is trained in Biblical linguistics and other advanced theological studies.

    So from now on, get it right and stop the defamation: it is “DOCTOR ARNOLD MURRAY.” Anything less is demeaning and clearly an attempt to reduce his reputation.


      1. I don’t have his specific biographical information.

        Does it matter when or where he got his doctorate?

        Or are you and the others implying that he lied about his doctorate? That’s outrageous, no Christian teacher would blatantly lie about such an easily provable thing — his own family would have to look him in the eye every day knowing he was a fraud… And then go along with the deception of fellow Christians.

        That is not possible.

        He would never lie to the church or to the public just to make himself out to be something he isn’t. The church would have put him out for such a deception, so clearly he wouldn’t have made it up.

        Therefore, he definitely has a real doctorate degree.


    1. Jess –

      They won’t even show proper respect and call him “Dr. Murray” on here. Just because “his PhD came from a white supremacist diploma mill.”

      It’s just more disrespect — the original tapes from him clearly say “Dr. Murray” and if God’s end time prophet says he has a doctorate, then he deserves the respect of being called “Doctor” as he called himself.

      I am working on some research right now to explain his prophecy about the end of the age coming in 1981.

      I believe the work going on at the CERN supercollider will open a portal, a fracture in space-time, and that will be allow the antichrist to go back and appear in 1981 (with ALL the foreknowledge of the ‘future’ — see, a *false* “prophet” — he will be cheating because he knows the timeline ahead of time)

      He will be appearing in 1981 exactly as God’s end time prophet, Dr. Murray, said he would!

      It came to me while I was thinking about it intently, and it all makes sense now. I knew he was not wrong, couldn’t be wrong in fact, because that would have made him a false prophet. But with this revelation about CERN and time travel, I think I understand how it all fits together.

      I was SO happy when this was revealed to me. And I owe Dr Murray an apology for my doubts.

      I think the elect (us) will know the authentic history, but the changes the antichrist makes in 1981 timeline will seem normal to the rest of the world. It will be their normal history. We will be protected form the delusion of the new timeline, and so we will know and see what is really happening, the great deception.

      I was getting depressed about the seemingly failed prophecy before, and right as I felt hopeless it all came to me at once.

      WE have to be looking out for these changes in the timeline, but knowing now that Dr Murray did not falsely prophecy after all, we can know that the entire plan is coming together as he foresaw it would in 1981.

      I want to set up an ELECT TIMLELINE website so that we can all add our memories of events to it, so that we are not fooled by the changed events. That will be my next challenge.

      It is amazing to live in these times (no put intended)


      1. Get very depressed about Murray’s failed prophecies because I haven’t created any articles on the very thing you are swooning over. Get very depressed friend if you’re putting your trust in his false prophecies… I will be addressing this debacle very soon.



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