Previous Murray Disciple Reveals Truth about Shepherd’s Chapel

From my internet radio broadcast on 01.06.16 – Paul Stringini, former Chapel student and webmaster at joins me on the broadcast to share his experience and testimony of how the Lord Jesus Christ delivered him from the entanglement of this false religion…

There is an extra hour of podcast time with the following mp3 after hour 2… you can download it or open it and listen from the browser.

This is just the beginning, the dye has been cast, the Chapel system of doctrine is evil and it must be exposed – if you are caught up in it I plead, turn to Jesus Christ, repent and leave it all behind.

There is a litany of witnesses coming out of the woodwork right now and they are beginning to set bulwarks against this Satanic falsehood. We will not stop until the whole thing comes crashing down.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

11 thoughts on “Previous Murray Disciple Reveals Truth about Shepherd’s Chapel”

  1. The Blog Talk Radio show won’t play??? have you got another copy or a YT Chn with this message on it? Thanks for your MUCh need work. >


    1. Hi Steve, right click that link and select “save target as” – download it to your desktop. I clicked the link and the mp3 came up… also, are you not seeing the Youtube video at the top there? What are you using?

      The Youtube channel link is…

      The blogtalk link is…

      I checked everything though all the links are good on my side – you should see a video up top and a link to an mp3 that you can download or launch in your browser. You may have something going on your end.


  2. Form my experience observing the behavior of SC followers is that it becomes a religion of self-worship. There is no need for grace since they were chosen for the heroic actions before being born. Many of them praise PM as an enlightener who opened their eyes to the hidden knowledge of the world that was. Just like the serpent promised Eve to provide her with hidden knowledge and to become as gods. SC becomes an instrument to make its followers blind to the truth and believers of their own salvation by works.


    1. That is not the truth, and just maybe Satan has your eyes covered. I have studied with them Several years now, and I know one thing they would NEVER say anything bad about any pastors or any other church. So why do you take it upon your selves to say something bad about SC? All I heard was you comparing Shepherd’s Chapel to Mormanism, and that is another LIE. They are NOT alike at all. Do you make you r living by degrading other churches and pastors? Who started your church? A man? If so it’s not based on the word of GOD as the WORD was written by GOD and NOT a man. Take up learning Hebrew so YOUwill k now the truth.


  3. There is false teachings and there is the Truth. Pastor Murray teaches the truth straight out of the Bible. I would be very careful who I judged if I was you! There is only one judge and that is God.


    1. No way Debra, this cult is destined for destruction if I were you I would break free from it – my witness against the Chapel is only beginning… – every day God encourages me to drill deeper and expose more to help people get free.


      1. Are you certain it is GOD telling you that ? It could be Satan he is the deceiver you know. And by the way talking in tongues is not for today it won’t be spoken until our LORD needs us to speak it to ALL nations……


      2. Hi Ester, they do have some uncanny similarities – especially in regards to the pre-existence of souls and the rebellion. The Chapel almost parallels Mormonism on the rebellion. Also, what are you telling me about tongues, I don’t remember bringing it up.


  4. For one if there was no punishment for your sin….. They why was Chirst born to die for us? And you people from the Shepards chapel need to wake up time is running out…. Speaking of the rapture of which I know makes u upset? Answer me this does God not separate the good from the bad? Y would he pour his wrath out on his own people who have devoted their lives to him? This is jus a deception to some who has lost people who was not saved and to others a way of living how you wanna live trust me I’ve heard him and Arnold Murray will be judged not by me but by God himself but make no mistake the scripture says that God has not reserved you unto wrath but to obtain salvation by Jesus Christ don’t be deceived any longer Shepards Chapel is blocked on my tv no one in or around me will ever be deceived by him or his sons teaching



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