Endgame: The Emergence of Satanic NWO Dominionism…


(Rev 17:9) And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

The end-time ecumenical confluence of religions is reaching it’s omega point where the man of sin can establish his Dominionist occult theocracy…

And Christian identity with it’s doctrines of Anglo-Israelism plays a central part!

As noted earlier, the Shepherd’s Chapel represents a significant development within the Identity movement. It’s like Christian Identity for the masses. Anyone who has studied these things long enough realize that popular religious movements are target number one when it comes social religious engineering psy-ops.

The Jesuits and/or Learned Elders of Sion will take full advantage of the Chapel doctrine, that’s a promise.

One of main purposes of this blog is to show you how this system of deception fits within the NWO religious power structure that is subsumed under the ROMAN Harlot system of control.

Make no bones about it, according the Chapel, the whore of Revelation 17:9 has nothing to do with Rome. Murray himself offers a Catholic Apocrypha in his reading list. He regularly talks about the NWO with no reference to the Roman beast or the role of the papacy in establishing the new global religion.

I had a tape back in 2001, I forget the name of it but I remember him mocking and ridiculing those who think that the 7 heads have anything to do with Rome.

Here’s what we know…

The “man of sin” will rise up as a leader within the Zionist movement. He will claim to be a descendant from the house of Judah and he will be accepted as the messiah by the Jewish people. He will convince the British Israelist’s as well that he is the return of Shiloh – he will also defeat a false antichrist, false false prophet and inaugurate a false millennium, or as I like to call it the Golden Age of Gaia…

This will be an occult ecumenical dystopia that will somehow synthesize all the disparate religious traditions in to one unifying whole… alien disclosure will be utilized, Project Blue Beam technology will most like simulate Jesus Christ’s advent – the Day of Declaration for the Lord Maitreya will arrive…

Is Maitreya the “man of sin” or some type of false prophet? Is it the fated Saint Germaine who will play the role of the final beast? Either way…

He will unite all the far ranging political and religious factions into one ecumenical system of control… they will call themselves the DOMINIONISTS and they will establish an occult theocracy with the man of sin as “god”, Rex Deus or King Zion – the Merovingian madman will plunge humanity into destruction and ruin…

Those who go along with him will receive the mark and be damned for eternity.

Under the new age DOMINIONISM structure you will have groups like: Christian Identity (Shepherd’s Chapel and other similar groups), Christian Zionist’s (dispensational futurists), the Reconstructionists/Theonomist’s (Calvinist, postmillennial, preterist) and Christian Dominionist’s (NAR, Word of Faith, Latter-Rain, Joel’s Army, Charismatics et al.)

There are many others but this is a sample of the fusion and we will detail this much more in future posts…

All of these groups will be drawn together into an immense ecumenical synthesis during the great tribulation which they will be convinced is a millennium.

There will be tribulation counterfeits along the way to convince the masses of deceived Christians that the beast is actually fulfilling scripture concerning the Messiah…

For those who don’t go along with the beast, an effort will be made to draw them into a controlled opposition movement that I call the “Anti-Dominionist Rebellion”. These rebels will be slaughtered by the beast in the 6th trumpet… 1/3 of humanity will die.

The Shepherd’s Chapel of their priesthood of Zadok will play a tremendous role in the coming occult theocracy during the antichrist millennium!



Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

6 thoughts on “Endgame: The Emergence of Satanic NWO Dominionism…”

  1. Yeah, it definitely appears that the Chapel will be a part of the final NWO global religion – I don’t think Murray would have dreamed this would happen in a million years.


  2. Thanks for the blog. I’d like to see you maybe develop the ideas in this article a little more, seems like there is something more to this…


  3. Remember how SC identifies the locusts of revelation 9:3 as either ISIS or “Arabs swarming”. Even though the the Bible says ” And it was given to them that they should NOT kill them but that they should be tormented five months. ISIS has been killing for years.”Could a powerful Islamic leader that wants to convert the world to Islam through violence become the false antichrist in the future? I can see how this could be used by the real antichrist to deceive the masses. I think PM twisted the meaning for the Hebrew word for Locust which is Arbeh Strong’s 697. to mean Arab. Even though the book of Revelations was written in Greek, go figure.


    1. If I’m reading Daniel correctly we will see a re-emergence of the king of the south; I feel like the two main factions of Islam will be divided amongst the King of the North (antichrist?) and the King of the South. For instance, King of the North – NATO/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Turkey, revived Ottoman empire (sunni) and King of South, Iran and BRICS… it’s really hard to know at this point how it will play out. I kind of see the false antichrist as being someone from the British monarchy and the real man of sin coming out of Germany; he may be in a position to head this emerging caliphate


    2. But you’re right, Islam and it’s caliphate play a huge role – the elites are positioning themselves to guide the world of Islam through a Turkish caliphate it seems. According to the U.N.’s Share International, the Lord Maitreya is the Islamic Imam Mahdi and that is a significant admission.



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