Did the Devil Have Sex With Eve and Sire Cain?

serpent seed lunacy...
serpent seed lunacy…

“When you look for the in-depth meaning of “men as trees, walking”, you are able to see that Christ wants us to understand there are plantings of God and plantings of the devil. The plantings of that wicked one began in the garden of Eden with the conception of Cain and follow down through his progeny, the Kenites.” – Shepherd’s Chapel, Newsletter #195

Shepherd’s Chapel teaching reeks of utter anti-Semitism.

According to Arnold Murray’s perverse theology, the real sin of Adam and Eve in the garden wasn’t the result of their disobeying God and eating fruit. All of that talk about eating fruit was simply a euphemism for something more sinister…

To put it bluntly, Eve didn’t eat fruit – how would that cause the fall of man Murray reasons… no, the fallen angel Lucifer himself had sex with Eve and sired a race of wicked beings known as the Kenites, or the “sons of Cain”. Homosexual relations are implicated to Adam, as he ate the fruit that Eve gave to him.

The old adage “sex sells” definitely applies here as Murray sauces up the text with some much needed raunch to spice his delusions up a little.

Somehow this race of Cain survived the flood and have been involved in every manner of conspiracy to destroy the people of God to this day. This flood issue is no problem as the Kenites and other races are merely animals compared to the Adamites. Murray reasons that the Kenites were on the ark because God said, “bring two of each flesh”.

The Kenites are the “Jews” who say the are “Jews” but are not. Everyone knows that the true Hebrews are the delightsome light skinned British Israelist’s.

Xenophobia abounds in Murray’s teaching and the serpent seed is definitely no exception. The serpent seed premise was also one held by Adolf Hitler himself and inspired him in his efforts to commit genocide.

This is probably one of the easiest lies of the Chapel to refute, yet students of the chapel continue to drink in this hateful bigoted falsehood. It is condemned in and of itself.

The serpent seed doctrine is a core tenet of the Christian Identity Movement.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

16 thoughts on “Did the Devil Have Sex With Eve and Sire Cain?”

  1. Seeing as the Bible explicitly states that the serpent was in the form of a snake, there are a few implications which I will lay out here:

    1. The creature the woman encountered (she had no name at the time) is described as a serpent. By inference during the scene where the snake was punished by having its legs unmade, we can guess with confidence it was biologically a snake as we know it. We know that Satan, being an angel, is a spirit being and therefore has no body parts, did not lose any legs–only the snake lost legs. (According to the scripture–I am an atheist and don’t believe any of this noise. I’m only using the internal logic of the scripture as my argument tool.)

    2. Except for this one story in which limbs were unmade on a snake (and all snakes), it is accepted by Creationists that your god created the world more-or-less in the form that it is now, including all the life forms. Removing the genes that cause legs to grow would in no way affect the sex selection chromosomes, as the absence of legs is common between both snake sexes.

    3. So since we have established, through the scripture’s own logic, that the snake was biologically a snake and was still a snake even after its legs were removed, then we face a very grave problem in the sex of the supposed offspring of a union with a snake and human. As we all know, humans (and mammals in general) have XY sex selection and that the male’s contributing cell is what determines the sex of the offspring. In mammals, the default sex is female since, in the absence of a contributing sex chromosome, the offspring *will* be female–an X0 female, to be exact.

    4. Snakes do not select their sex with XY chromosomes. They actually have a completely different system that is *backwards* of the mammal system. They have ZW chromosomes and the male does not determine the sex of the offspring. It is the FEMALE cell that differentiates between Z and W chromosomes–the male always donates a Z chromosome. ZW chromosomal sex selection is completely incompatible with XY and therefore the male chromosome of one may as well not exist to the other. And since the mother of the offspring in question was human, the sex of the offspring will reflect the human system. Which would be….an X0 female. A girl with Turner’s Syndrome. She would possibly be mentally challenged (because your god’s Turner’s Syndrome of yesteryear must be identical to Turner’s Syndrome of today if his creation is as unchanging as he is supposed to be), she would be riddled with health problems, and seeing as medicine at the beginning of the Creationist Universe wasn’t like it is now, she would have died before she hit 20 years of age. She would also most likely be completely sterile, as TS girls usually have stunted or non-existent ovaries (my mother has TS, and was barren; I am adopted). She would definitely not have been able to wander off and marry a woman named Zillah and have babies with her. No gay, remember?

    5. Now since your scripture specifically refers to Cain as a male and a strapping and healthy one at that, we come to two scenarios:
    a. the Serpent Seed doctrine is completely full of poo, or
    b. your god made a miracle happen and specifically formed a healthy, strapping boy using incompatible chromosomes that he himself had created just a few days earlier, and therefore *wanted* Cain to have been born despite his supposed “impure” genetic status. And seeing that Cain had zero snake features listed in the scripture, we can also infer that your god “purged” the snake DNA from the zygote and therefore Cain would have been 100% human anyway.

    I will leave you to exercise your powers of reason and logic.


    1. That is a very confident but just answer out of ignorance. You do know we have to transfer the bible to hebrew. And, in the Hebrew translation the serpant very different from now. Even a beautiful creature. You know that fruit means to produce and that if you have heard of the Strong’s condordance. It simply leaves not one word out and says satin, the serpant seduced her and and tricked her and then she showed her knew knowledge to Adam and he took it. It is speaking of sex. This was the beginning….., do ppl really thinkeating a fruit and disobeying God cause a snake told you to would really mean much, considering v its telling us how we started in the begin ning. Think about. Look it up. It make since. It is the truth. Then it speaks of them “knowing” is other which again means sex and produce.


    1. I’m going to track down the source for Hitler’s belief in the SS doctrine – it is tied directly to the root race teaching of Helena Blavatsky, when the inferior race is destroyed then humanity evolves (Christians, jews, et al – anyone who doesn’t take the mark basically). What the Chapel calls the millennium is starting to look like a genocidal rampage. There are other peculiar links between Murray and Blavatsky that I haven’t developed yet… it points to a tribulation program of religious deception.


  2. A friends loved one is caught up in Murrays teachings. Found you when trying to help her.
    Any pointers for what to address first?
    Thank you!


    1. Just sit down and talk to them and listed – they will tell you everything; try to find out how committed they are to the teaching – if their mind is locked up in this thing you’re going to have to be patient. Good news is they are open to discussing the bible so try to slip some good seeds in there, maybe point them to the blog


  3. Adolf Hitler was also a vegetarian and did not eat red meat. Israel was founded in 1948 by Communist European Jews. Some Orthodox Jewish Leaders did not go along with the founding because they thought that only G-d could do the founding, and certainly not non believing Communists. Yes, the 1948 founders are not true Jews, “they say they are Jews, but they are not”.


    1. Okay, but they literally descend through Cain as a result of Satan having sex with Eve? No, not even close – you could even liken them to synagogue of Satan, but Jesus is not referring to them when speaking to Smyrna and Philadelphia. Jesus is actually referring to Jews in the first century who were very orthodox and persecuted the early church. They were Jews according to the flesh and were very religious – but their father was the devil, spiritually. You refer to Jews who don’t even believe their religion, but are more than likely Jews according to the flesh, but anyone can make a claim right?


      1. With DNA testing they have found that Hitler’s father was a Rothschild descendant through an illicit union . Hitler had his father’s grave and records completely destroyed. Nothing like a self hating Jew. A mythical argument could be made that Hitler was a descendant of Cain and the Satan father. I know some people who would like that.

        Getting back to the “serpent seed” myth, I believe that the Murrays hinted that old Adam also got it on with Satan in a Romans 1:26 way.


  4. why are u picking on Murray.s I read what u said and I.am in Calif we teacher the same thing as that Preacher . you know what the problem is some people aren’t very bright and cant understand it are you one of those people may be you need to go back to school and learn about greek and Hebrew teaching and how they transform words to English really you should then may be you will understand don’t knock people because they read it right see that why a lot of people wont cut it . I bet you believe in the rapture don’t u some nut wrote that in 1833 and know all the fools that cant read bibles right think they are going up in the air before tribulation not happing not in this life time .you just want to knock preachers guess what karma is a bitch so watch what happens to people who mock gods word what comes around goes around sure wont want to be in your shoes in fact none of you . may your day be bless can you understand that well then it goes like this if hitlery makes president you will loose freedom of speech so I guess you better get all you can say about anything out there now. god save America now that woman hates god hates honesty hates us all she wants is money money greed power and to screw with god and us



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