The Curious Story of Lance Knight & King’s Chapel


Some of you may have heard of Lance Knight’s conversion experience and subsequent violent repudiation of Shepherd’s Chapel in April 2005. At the time, Lance had developed a rather large teaching ministry based around the core of Chapel teaching, thereby leaching many of Murray’s hard earned students.

Because of his betrayal his name will forever burn in infamy in the minds of some…

I had the pleasure of witnessing the whole thing unfold – I was more a disciple of Knight at the time than Murray. I talked to him by phone in November of 2004 and for a short time tithed to his ministry. I owned all of his teaching material.

In fact by the end of 2003 I was no longer interested really in hearing Murray teach at all. I found him to be boring, repetitive and unspecific. Knight was just the type of teacher I was looking for…

When the Lord saved me on February 14th 2003, I immediately gravitated back towards Chapel doctrine which I was immersed in before becoming and atheist. One of the first things I did was send for the Mark of the Beast package. I specifically remember the Lord warning me to stay away from it at the time but I was unable – I couldn’t conceive of the scripture in any other light than what I had learned from Murray.

I tithed over $800 to the Chapel that year, such was my commitment.

In the Summer of 2003 I began to study with Lance Knight of the King’s Chapel. I found his teaching style and content much more in line with what I wanted. Lance taught an almost identical doctrine to Murray with extra insights and zeal to go with it – he was younger and I identified with him. He was much more militant and combative against the NWO, and gave more details… always a bonus. He brought another level of excitement to Murray’s false doctrine.

For all intents and purposes I left the Chapel behind because of Lance in late 2003…

In 2004, I began to give to Presbyterian teacher R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. I give R.C. a lot of credit for getting me out of this. His teaching series on the Holy Spirit, Election and Justification by Faith Alone shattered my confidence in the Chapel system completely… Sproul taught about the nature of the Godhead and the Holy Spirit and I began to realize Murray was teaching heresy.

It would take some time to bust loose but R.C. set in a motion an unraveling that would come to a head in late March 2005 when Lance had his epiphany.

By this time I was going through intense spiritual turmoil – I had already rejected Murray’s teaching while still being caught up in the more difficult errors. It was unraveling quick but I was still clinging to King’s Chapel to see what Knight had to say.

Lance would usually put out teaching material every week in those days – they were kind of like advanced Shepherd’s Chapel lectures. Lance always considered himself and his followers to be the elite of the elite in the Chapel scheme. I waited diligently to get these messages.

All of the sudden, Lance stopped posting. Then Lance pulled all the content down from his site and began to stream audio sermon’s every week beginning early April 2005.

The messages were very bizarre – Lance went on and on about his religious experience and he was accusing Murray of being the “man of sin” and referring to himself indirectly as Michael the Archangel. I knew something wasn’t right, but he was exposing a lot of the teachings from the Chapel that I was being freed from so I knew there was something to it. I wanted to hear more of what he was getting free from.

These were very instructive times. Lance for his part destroyed all of his old teaching material and instructed his followers to do likewise and depend solely on scripture…

I took him up on this – in April 2005, I not only threw away tons of Knight’s and Murray’s teaching material but also all the other study material I had accumulated. I even tossed my Companion Bible in the dumpster.

The teaching of Knight became so bizarre and unbiblical that I separated myself from Knight. I WAS FREE! The Lord Jesus Christ set me free from man’s religion completely back in April 2005. I give Knight some credit even though I’m wholeheartedly against his current teaching which is a variation of the Latter-Rain/Manifest Sons of God heresy.

When he broke at the time, the dye was cast, the war against falsehood began.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

8 thoughts on “The Curious Story of Lance Knight & King’s Chapel”

  1. Thanks for sharing you testimony about Mr. Knight. This goes to show about the dangers of false religion. I knew a student of the chapel that felt he was the incarnation of the angel Gabriel and was being influenced by a spirit to believe he was one of the two witnesses. This whole pre-existence theology is right out of the pits of hell, it is simply not biblical. Only those who seek the truth and have been given the love of truth shall overcome. The rest shall take pleasure in wickedness. 2 Thesalonians 2:10-12.


  2. I fully believe that Murray and Knight have been servants of God (even Nebuchadnezzar was called Gods servant) Anyone who studied with these guys, learned a lot about the bible. If you have been able to come OUT from under all that teaching… and If the Father led you OUT of that Egypt-like-bondage, then you are to thank Him for it! Of all the things Lance Knight said to me, it was the last, and most profound statement …. “Get your eyes OFF of men, and set them on the Father!” So…Timothy Campbell, I know you appreciate all you have been through… others may not! We are ALL, the prodigal son! Every one of us takes what is “ours” to inherit…. we all run our kingdom the way we see fit…. and when we finally get a belly full of the pig slop of rebellion, THEN, and only then, can we reach that state of being, to which every creature must come… Abject Humility! I have talked about my religious experiences many times, with disdain, but in the last 3 or 4 years, the Spirit of God has shown me the sweetness, and joy of appreciating everything I’ve been taught…. whether true of false!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. That’s true, all things work together for God for those that love God and are called according to His purpose. Now that the Lord has delivered me from it, it’s time to help others get free as well…

      Though I am over the resentment of being deceived by this ministry, it pains me to see it continue on to lead others astray. I know that God can work through these obstructions but a persons life brings more glory to God when they are free from the shackles of false religion.


  3. Arnold Murray was dead on so sad your blind to the truth he had more wisdom in his little finger then your whole body. He is the only one who knew how to teach verse by verse and did it perfectly if you think its a lie you are the one who is false.


  4. rather than making accusations…..perhaps u could be about a million times more specific? your attacks are childish. act like a man and think like a man not a child. if u wish to disagree with PM then do it in a scholarly and scientific way…..whining and pouting is all youve done thus far.



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