Shepherd’s Chapel Wacky Religious System in a Nutshell…

Get off the psychopath today!
Get off the psychopath today!

Wow! When dealing with Arnold Murray’s theological system where do we begin? We are dealing with something massively delusional and very popular.

Any normal human being who fully internalizes the whole of Murray’s teaching will eventually go insane. I should know, it landed me in the hospital for mental illness when I was a young man. Fun times, let me tell you…

Several other people I knew personally over the years who were in this cult were also highly delusional and unstable.

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I’ve been set free from the bondage of false religion and the instability of it!

This one guy I knew thought that God sent the elect (and him of course) into this earth age to “save” humanity in a messianic sense during the tribulation… just goes to show the fruits of someone’s bizarre religious system. Many poor souls caught up in this get lost in a maze of biblical madness and apocalyptic vainglory.

That’s typically the way cults go – it serves the ones who are running it really well, those who follow it are shredded spiritually.

Honestly, it took a miraculous work of God to pluck me out of it – all praise to Jesus Christ and what He is able to do. Woe unto Murray – I don’t want to be in his shoes for what he has taught… may God have mercy on Him.

So let’s begin an expedition into fantasy religion which truly is nightmarish…

Untold eons ago God created the heavens and the earth – God populated the earth with a plenitude of angelic beings. You and I were there, in angelic bodies. At some point the evil Lucifer convinced 1/3 of God’s children to rebel against God in a cataclysmic revolution to overthrow God and take over the universe.

What about the others? The other 2/3 sat idly by not choosing any side but remaining neutral waiting to see the outcome. Fortunately, during the rebellion a small group of 144,000 (some say 7000) loyal angelic beings fought alongside of God… were it not for these loyal fighters God would have destroyed everything.

Because of their goodness these beings would be destined to born in the flesh at the end of our present age to save humanity because of their performance in the world that was. They would have no free will like the rest of humanity – their purpose was to be born and fight against the beast in the end of times.

So God was grieved with Lucifer and his rebellion – instead of destroying him, his followers, the rest who were neutral, and the whole cosmos (such was God’s anger because of this) God devised a brilliant plan. His plan was to destroy the first world by a global flood. He would wipe the slate clean from the previous age – He would even go so far as to forgive everyone and start afresh.

He would recreate man in wretched flesh bodies and put him in a fallen world to test him and allow him another chance to choose God once again without any prior knowledge of what took place. God himself would come into the world as Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the world.

Satan was furious with God’s plan. He came to Eve in the garden and seduced Eve to have sex with her. He did this to sire a race of serpent children called the Kenites, or sons of Cain, who would be able to destroy the woman’s seed, whom Christ was to come through – thereby thwarting God’s redemptive plan.

Satan was emboldened by his success with Eve. He sent his best angels to further debauch the human race… the angels entered into a veritable orgy with the attractive daughters of Adam, thereby corrupting the gene pool of the coming Christ. This would cause the coming Christ to be blemished and unable to atone for sin and Satan would win the day.

As a result of these horrific unions, physical monstrosities were born. The nephilim, or giants, would go onto defile the world with their wickedness. They would lead the world into rebellion and apostasy. God would send the wicked fallen angels to the deepest hell for having sex with women.

God had had enough of these Nephilim – He instructed Noah, whose gene pool had not been corrupted by the sperm of fallen angels and their hybrid Nephilim, to build an ark. God was about to send a devastating local flood to wipe out everything on the Pamir plateau (where the garden of Eden was located). This local flood would temporarily kill of all the Nephilim – but like cockroaches, the Nephilim would return as more of Satan’s angels would begin to once again have sex with women.

The Kenites however were spared the wrath of God and survived the flood. They either fled the region of the flood or Noah brought two of these creatures on the ark. These Kenites indeed were devilish creatures – they are the reptilians that lead governments today, the so-called “Jews” who are not Jews. The anglo-saxons are the true Hebrews.

These wicked Kenites were the elite of the 1/3 that rebelled with Satan – but God is a God of mercy and gave them a second chance in this age… and they took full advantage of God.

As stated earlier, the 2/3 would be born primarily at the beginning and middle of human history. These lukewarm chaps are generally the common “Christian” that you see here and there, completely blind and unconcerned but not wholly incapable of receiving God’s grace – the remaining 1/3 were slated be born at the end of this age when Satan takes the stage.

These critters never were going to believe from the beginning! But God gave them a chance, nice guy that He is – thereby proving that He truly is fair. Unfortunately, the 1/3 would do in this age precisely what they did in the previous age: worship the dragon, take his mark and rebel against God.

Only the 144K would have true knowledge of what took place in the world that was. These white anglo-saxons are God’s plan for the ages. Were it not for elect all hope would be lost – they are the ones who will defeat the dragon during the tribulation… and for their sacrifice, in the millennium they will rule the world.

Okay, you get the picture. And as sensational as what I have just shared with you may seem, it is in fact what he teaches. In the history of religious fantasies everything bows before the sheer hokum of the Shepherd’s Chapel.

On this blog I have written articles exposing specific aspects of Shepherd’s Chapel teaching. In addition to this I have given detailed information about how the Lord delivered me from this.

If you or someone you know is battling this deception take some time to study a little deeper into this…


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

6 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Chapel Wacky Religious System in a Nutshell…”

  1. Ok I read all of your recent posts so you can’t use the excuse that what I am about to say is due to me not checking you out. Any long time student of Pastor Murray’s can easily pick up on many false statements and charges that you make.


    1. Hi Kyle,
      Please be specific – point to any specific false statements and we will begin there. Arnold Murray teaching is one grand system of delusion – if you accept it I can assure you, you won’t be to pleased with the end result.


  2. Many of Murray’s student do not read the books he sells from his bookstore. The Pamir Plateau is supposed by some to be the location of the garden of Eden, but the supposed local flood is supposed to have occurred in the Tarim Basin to the East.


  3. Thanking God you are here today! A family member came to me trying to sneek these teachings in. I was literally sick for 1 month! I couldn’t function! I knew the teachings weren’t right. It is now 6 months later and I want you to know that your blogs along with oracles of God blogs, you SAVED MY LIFE, not kidding!! I could say so much more and hope to soon, but as my heart pumps outrageously and I shake as I type, will write more soon. Amen! Thank you God for these teachings!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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