Who Are the Churches of Philadelphia & Smyrna?


As you know Shepherd’s Chapel teaching is kind of like anti-Semitism for Dummies. Christian Identity neatly packaged and watered down for mass consumption.

Try as they might to hide it, Xenophobia seethes from the teachings every pore. Murray makes much ado about the two churches who “know” those who claim to be Jews but are not. These two churches are Smyrna and Philadelphia and if you don’t accept the reality of the “Kenites” you don’t belong to either (and most likely are one).

Murray reasons that he and those who are with him who know who the “Kenites” truly are, they comprise this special remnant church within the larger group of apostate Christendom.

You see according to them the Kenites are the bona fide literal seed of the Satan himself. He had sex with Eve in the garden and sired a race of hell-spawn through the lineage of Cain. They managed to survive the flood and have proceeded to take control of the world as we know it today.

In the world that was (fantasy religion par excellence) the Kenites played a special role in the rebellion. They are accursed beings from their entrance into earth age… but Murray extends God’s grace to them, how sweet. It takes a special level of evangelical prowess to convert a Kenite but it can be done, he reasons.

This takes the Jewish conspiracy to a whole new plane of paranoia. They essentially go around accusing everyone of being a Kenite if they don’t agree with them which usually ends up being other Christians.

They are also saying that there are a race of very powerful people in control of the world that call themselves Jewish who are literally the seed of Satan himself. THIS IS A LIE FROM HELL!

Murray assumes that the “synagogue of Satan” that Jesus refers to in Revelation are the Kenites but that isn’t who they are at all. The synagogue of Satan in the time of Christ were merely those Jews and Jewish converts who rejected Christ and proceeded to persecute the Christians. No more no less.

Let’s look at this a little more carefully because Murray essentially claims that his church and his inner devotees are the Philadelphian church while his followers on the perimeter who experience poverty, difficulty and persecution are the church of Smyrna.

But do Smyrna and Philadelphia exist today? No, only in type and only in part at best. These were literal churches at the time of this letter who have ceased to exist. Even if they exist in type today it doesn’t give anyone the room to go and claim that they are the church of Philadelphia in the end times… what hubris from a man who butchered the text like he did!

Shepherd’s Chapel and their followers are not the church of Smyrna and Philadelphia because they discern who the Kenites are because there is no such thing as the Kenites as they teach… the Chapel and it’s followers more closely follow the type of the Synagogue of Satan than anything else…

They claim to be the true physical descendants of Hebrew tribes… when they aren’t! WHAT IRONY!

The Church of Smyrna and Philadelphia were two literal churches that existed in Asia Minor at the time of John’s writing. If you want to self-identify with Smyrna and Philadelphia because you know who the Kenites are then you might want to do a clean format of your brain, it has been infested with religious viruses!


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

9 thoughts on “Who Are the Churches of Philadelphia & Smyrna?”

  1. Humm you choose to bash one of the ONLY chapter and verse teachers? Why don’t you go bash all the prosperity teachers? Oh wait I bet they tickle your ears and you love their sugar coated muck in their fancy churches

    WOE to those who judge and accuse. What a joke you are and a sorry sight. Yep EVIL is all over this net. Where is Your church? Since you think you know better where is the blessing from GOD given to you for posting this page? What a disgrace you are…….


  2. Shepherd’s Chapel is an easy church to belong to. You can attend without leaving, learn without thinking, never engage with brothers or sisters, and never be challenged in your walk by seeing the examples of others. Never asked to support the work of the Gospel. Never see the needs of others. Yes it is indeed an easy church to be in.


  3. You have only exposed yourself either as a profoundly ignorant person or a willful son of the first liar. However, the first murderer was given a chance to change. If you were ever a real student of Pastor Murray you would have known him and would have never insulted this very decent person, both for his God and his Country. No one ever totally agrees with any man of the flesh, but Pastor Murray had the fruits that you should have recognized. Yet, you did not. Instead YOU have become your own god, but even Adam and Eve realized that they had become naked. Wise up and stop your venom. Your poison will destroy yourself but can not affect the Shepherd’s Chapel or Pastor Murray in the slightest. I have no association with this chapel, but I can judge them by their fruits and I see no venom from their side.



  4. i cringe and cry at sheer stupidity of this evil bastard who called himself Arnold Murray. i have only sadness now knowing he is in Hell for his perversion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. i have listened to this false teacher for 5 years and amazed that anyone in their right mind could ever believe anything that spewed from his devilish soul or lack their of. i shouldnt say this, but i am glad he is dead. hopefully he repented to our holy father and asked forgiveness for deceiving people .


      1. You need to dig this person up an try to torture him so as to satisfy your hate of him. God will judge him and you. We will rely on the Holy Spirit to help us understand teachers. Are you the Holy Spirit? Did not know the HS would teach us to hate??



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