Stay Away from the Shepherd’s Chapel Cult!

Are you part of this cult?
Are you part of this cult?

Once upon a time I was in a very large Christian cult called the Shepherd’s Chapel. By God’s grace I am no longer in bondage to this ministry’s deception.

Maybe you are a student of Arnold Murray, or maybe you have seen him on T.V. and wondered about his teaching. Or maybe you know someone who is in the death grip of this religious fantasy. If so then this blog is specifically for you.

I am going to share my personal experiences with you of how the Lord Jesus delivered me from the clutches of this incredibly intoxicating system of false religion. We are going to be exposing these teachings one at a time… and there are a lot of them!

The goal being to help you get free and help you better appreciate who Jesus Christ is, what He has done for us and the liberty that we have in him.

So to quote everyone’s favorite Christian Identity teacher, buckle up, “we’re about to kick some butt and take dragon!”

If you’re caught up in this and notice a tingling sensation in your brain as you’re reading the posts… don’t worry, it just means the Holy Spirit is deprogramming you from false religion!


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

64 thoughts on “Stay Away from the Shepherd’s Chapel Cult!”

  1. People have a choice to listen to Pastor Murray or turn the channel. No one forced you to study with Pastor Murray. I studied with him for more than 26 years, love him, and always will. People need something to uplift their spirits.


    1. Simple fact is Bransom, false doctrine need to be reproved – you have a problem with that? Then you have a problem with what the bible says. You can love Murray – my problem is with his deception plain and simple… and now that he’s gone his psychotic system of theology still remains. It still needs to be exposed.


      1. People are going to do what they choose to do whether you agree with it or not. As I mentioned before TV’s have remotes, and people can change the channel, if they so choose. While you may think Pastor Murray’s teaching is wrong, many millions of other people will continue to study with him.


      2. You have a lot of work to do, timmy; exposing false doctrine and all. There sure is a lot of it out there, in every denomination.

        You’re going to have to develop and maintain web pages for each one of them to ensure your work is complete.

        Go forth and expose, boy.

        You need to check your own teachings out against others who are much better educated in theology. Do you have a degree in theology or did you only attend seminary?

        Tell us, oh please tell us. WE all want to know. Where did you get your degree or where did you attend seminary?

        We need to know this to be able to trust you and what you are telling us. Or are you just another self appointed teacher/preacher who got religion and thinks they know enough Hebrew, Chaldee, Greek, figures of speech, Hebrew customs and traditions vs their belief in scripture….blah, blah. blah?

        I doubt it. I think you are just another dummy, wannabe, nutcase, whackjob…..

        You and people like you amaze me.


      3. Wow – look up what an ad hominem argument is and then get back to me. I figured I would publish one of your abusive comments just to let people see what false religion can do to someone. If you want to discuss the scripture in a respectful way, good. If you can’t handle that, buzz off.


    2. God Bless you, so do I love the truth! There are some that are kept in slumber for their own protection because some can’t handle the truth and the rest do satans work.


  2. I’m delighted that Jesus Christ exposed this man for who he was and got me out of his teaching. I want others to experience the same freedom… I had let the blog just sit but the Lord is moving me to do more with it…


    1. Satan does his best work in the church’s. You seem to know a lot about the truth God’s plan is coming to pass, it won’t be to much longer! Mark ch.13 Christ said I fortold you all things! Also to some it is given to some it is not given.


  3. So you probably think you’re one of the 144,000 – you never know, I might be a Kenite in disguise. Everyone I’ve ever met who was in this thought they were one of the 144K – there must be millions of them by now…


      1. So I shouldn’t bring up Murray’s false teaching, and I shouldn’t bring up anything else that has to do with sin… and who’s judging you? And you don’t care what Murray taught? You obviously did care what he taught or you wouldn’t have listened to him for 26 years.


      2. Just because you don’t understand what Pastor Murray teaches, does it make it false teaching? Did you not study with him at one time? You’re judging Pastor Murray calling him a false teacher, when you have no idea how to discern the deeper spiritual meaning in the word of God.


      3. Simmer down Buckaroo – you didn’t have to go on a tirade. First, I ain’t church folk, you made that assumption. Secondly, if you don’t think drunkenness is a sin, as well as lusting after women then you are deluding yourself. I’m a sinner – I make no reservations about saying that but I call a spade a spade, I don’t kid myself about what is and isn’t sin. The scripture shows that Murray is a false teacher – I am merely doing my duty as a Christian and pointing that out… and this is somehow a problem? When the bible commands us to do it? Christians are to reprove sin and false teaching — how else will people see their need for the gospel?


      4. Sorry Tim, I owe you an apology. Got a little heated there that time. I think we should stop now. It’s easy to talk over the internet and not face to face. You just keep on doing what you’re doing and have a happy life.


      5. Thanks for accepting my apology Tim. I promise I won’t go to the strip club anymore. I actually admire that you don’t like false prophets (neither do I) , but Pastor Murray was a scholar like no other. Although I didn’t agree with many things he taught, I honestly don’t think he taught with bad intentions. I feel really bad now that I was rude to you. I truly wish you the best.


  4. Timothy, I thought we were done with this? Did we not apologize to one another during our last conversation? Pastor Murray is deceased now, so what is it that you feel your mission is now, and who sent you?

    Lets discuss the scripture in a respectful way. Also tell me what your disagreements are with what Pastor Murray was teaching?

    Lets try not to argue with one another this time. Tell me what you are exposing that’s false about Pastor Murray’s teaching.


    1. Hi Bransom – I have over 50 articles here dealing with specific false teachings. If you want to pick one we’ll start with that – I recommend the gospel in the stars. The blog is pretty much a testimony of how Jesus Christ delivered me from Shepherd’s Chapel teaching.


  5. Hi Tim. I read most of your gospel in the stars blog, you gave some very detailed information, but you certainly didn’t convince me that Pastor Murray was a false prophet. I study the bible with Pastor Murray. I’m not interested in the gospel in the stars or anything else outside of the bible. One bible verse sums it all up for me:

    [16] For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    I know for a fact Pastor Murray believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Anything that he taught outside of the bible was ultimately directed toward Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, Savior of the world. If you can find anything that he taught that was directed toward worshipping any other entity, please share it with me.

    I have never read the gospel in the stars, but what I gathered from your blog is that its intent is to relay a message that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

    Tim, you say your calling from God is to expose false doctrine. I have no interest in “false doctrine”. I am interested in studying the bible in depth, but focusing on false doctrine is a waste of my time. I strictly stick to the scriptures. I think I and most believers in Jesus Christ have enough discernment to distinguish between good and bad doctrine. You seem to be a very smart person, and very detailed in conveying information. If you would dedicate your time and energy toward teaching the whole bible, I think you could win many, many souls. As I mentioned, John 3:16 sums up God’s whole plan of salvation. It doesn’t matter who’s teaching, if they don’t agree with that bible verse, they won’t have me as a student.


      1. But who are you edifying by proving that Pastor Murray and others were false prophets. If anyone knowingly teaches the gospel to deceive souls for any reason God will handle that. You are a very intelligent person Tim without question, but I question whether or not you have your time and energy geared toward the correct direction. If Shepherd’s Chapel were a cult don’t you think the millions of people that have studied with Pastor Murray all these years would have ended up in a similar situation like people that followed Jim Jones, David Koresh, Sun Myung Moon, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or many others that proved to be false prophets. Shepherd’s Chapel has been on the air since at least 1980, and is still going strong, even after the death of Pastor Murray. God has a way of exposing false prophets. Look at what happened to Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker, just to name a couple.


    1. God set the planets for a time and season! Things are coming to pass anyone who has a companion bible Isis is written 666. Pastor Murray is right. My family went to many churches how many of them knows God’s plan none that I attended until I found pastor Arnold Murray.


    1. Are you suggesting that I teach myself or others? If the latter (which appears to be the case) then what do you think I’m doing on this site? I have done internet radio and other blogs teaching scripture. Granted, my interpretation of the bible is not as sensationalistic as Murray’s so I don’t know that what I have to say will be met with much cheer. In personal experience I find that people are more apt to grind their teeth when I start speaking the truth.


      1. Tim,

        I personally have no problem with someone speaking the truth, as long as that truth is being taught straight from the bible. I’m talking about teaching others that are hungry to hear God’s word. I don’t know if you’re going to win many souls being on a quest to expose false prophets. Why waste your time when God is already doing a good enough job exposing them himself?


      2. The bible is REPLETE with examples of God using his people to reprove false religion. People who are caught up in these things if they seek the truth are hungry for deliverance from the oppression of it.

        When I take an element of the Chapel’s system of theology, expose it, detail how the Lord delivered me and what he taught me in regards to it then I am teaching the word. It is not simply enough to hear God’s word – you must understand what it means. Unfortunately what Murray has done is to dump his oppressive interpretive grid over the whole of God’s word.

        This makes it very difficult to get clear understanding of what the text means, and that’s what all cultic religion does… it blinds. When the Lord Jesus Christ delivers someone from all of this, it is a great honor to him.

        It is no honor to God at all for a person to be bound up in error.

        What you call a waste of time is actually called for in the scripture and I have absolutely no reservation of doing it… it is part of preaching the gospel. Part of preaching the gospel is reproving sin – in this case the sin is false teaching, which leads it’s adherent into religious idolatry and taking God’s name in vain by teaching it to others…

        What most people are calling truth in regards to all of this is merely sin. They need repentance from false religion. They need Jesus Christ’s sacrifice but first they have to acknowledge their sin. Most people bound up in this are incredibly proud and scoff at the notion that their special “knowledge” is sin. And they hold me in the lowest regard for even bringing it up – I take that as a good thing, I am experiencing what the Lord said I would.


  6. I can tell you why people like me love Pastor Murray. Through God he built a world wide ministry . Before Pastor Murray started teaching it was very, very difficult to understand the deeper spiritual meaning of the scriptures. I honestly believe Pastor Murray was sincerely serving God when he taught the bible. He never claimed to be Jesus Christ or God like many of those false prophets that I named. He taught people to worship God through Jesus Christ. I guarantee you he never took advantage of anyone. You can search the internet or anywhere else you’d like and you will never find any scandals that he was involved in.


    1. Sorry Bransom. I don’t agree. The Lord Jesus Christ convicted me in the past of my involvement in the Shepherd’s Chapel not just the religious idolatry aspect but also teaching the same thing as the Chapel to many people. Then over the course of several years he delivered me from this false religion – it was a very real experience… the blog is more a testimony of that than anything else. So your admonishment to not speak against this system of teaching has fallen on deaf ears.

      I have gone further and pointed to specific teachings and why they are not biblical. Some of the distortions are quite serious. As far as my time with the blog it is quite minimal, I can assure you.

      I am currently getting ready to do some work exposing Mormonism that will be of much more interest. I don’t plan on doing much in the future with the blog other than editing and updating existing posts.


  7. Have you ever thought that maybe you just don’t understand some of the teachings? Did Pastor Murray or Dennis every try to persuade you to worship satan or anyone other than Jesus Christ? Exactly how long did you study with Pastor Murray before you came to this conclusion? I’m just curious to know.


    1. I understand the teachings real well – I began as student of the Chapel in early 1994. I have had some level of involvement since that time either as an adherent or an opponent of the teachings. I detail everything here on the blog.

      I came to a conclusion early on by becoming an atheist but vacillated back to this system of interpreting the bible several times later because I simply had not received full understanding.

      In late 2004 after studying a tape series by R.C. Sproul on justification and the nature of God did I begin to realize that the Chapel was distinctly heretical. In 2005 I came under heavy conviction and the Lord began to open my eyes to one issue after another.

      It was also around the same time that Lance Knight broke away from the Chapel… Lance’s testimony simply corroborated with what the Lord was showing me. Unfortunately Lance drifted deep into error and I cut my affiliation with him as well. I will do an article on Lance Knight soon.

      In short it was God who destroyed the system of the Chapel in my mind and set me at variance with it… I didn’t come up with this on my own because I understood it to be truth as yourself and could not fathom any other interpretation of scripture than what I had learned from Murray. So you’re wondering if I imagined that the Lord Jesus Christ delivered me from it? I would have to distinctly say no.


      1. Tim,

        I have listened to some of the teachings of R.C. Sproul before, and many, many other preachers. None of them taught on a spiritual level that could compare to Pastor Murray by a million miles. Pastor Murray taught straight from the bible. The only other preacher that taught in such a way was J. Vernon McGee, and he was also a million miles away in terms of spiritual depth. Some people just can’t handle the deeper spiritual meaning of the scriptures. There are many things that I don’t understand, but I don’t accuse Pastor Murray of being a false Prophet. I have been studying with Pastor Murray, and Dennis for 27 years now and don’t feel that I have ever been mislead. I only study the bible straight from the scriptures. I don’t listen to preachers that take bible verses and make entire sermons, and tape series, because a lot of their interpretation is straight from their own mind.


  8. Hi Tim,

    How could you have become an atheist after experiencing the love of Jesus Christ? You seem to be a good Brother, but it seems that you have a little confusion going on in your mind. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, you are saved, PERIOD! I’m not here to argue with you, and I have no choice other than to respect the fact that you believe what you are doing is right. I’m certainly not here to judge you, as I have done many, many things in my life that does not align with the correct way of living according to the bible.


  9. Exactly, I was raised a soufher. Bapgistt, nothing g wrong with that, I have been listeni v to Shepards Chapel for 22 years and have Learned more from what God wrote for us than any of my 40 years of listing to a preacher Read a verse and give a serman on it. You always should read the storey from the begin ning to end, god had a much better sermon I’m sure that the opinion of one preacher. Read and study for yourself then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!


  10. Hello 🙂

    I was indoctrinated from infancy by my seminary graduate father. A brutal and unforgiving man. As a result, I’ve memorized great sums of Scriptures that were force fed to me.

    I tried so very hard to be “good” and suffer depression to this very day. When I found my mother’s dead body on the floor and was told it was suicide, I cracked. I had heard people say committing suicide sent one straight to
    Hell, I had an angry talk with God in a cemetery and screamed at Him. How could He send my sick and tortured mom to Hell after all the abuse she endured?

    The Holy Spirit softly spoke to me and said God doesn’t do that. God let’s anyone into Heaven who believes in His Son Jesus. Also gave me an example of wouldn’t it sound silly if God kept people out if they broke their leg? There in that horrible cemetery came the most precious feeling of comfort I have ever known.

    Since that day, I only listen to that comforting voice. I love Real God and like He promised “my sheep know my voice”, I rely solely on Divine Guidance.
    I enjoy watching Shepherd’s Chapel. I don’t. agree with everything I hear but I am grateful the Word of God is read to millions.

    I will pray for you to find answers you may
    need to calm your heart. For God is the rewarder to those diligently who seek him.
    God is fully capable of leading His sheep.

    I will be 60 soon and I can assure you that I scrutinize every word I hear coming from a human beings mouth.

    Much love in Christ dear one.


    1. I appreciate your respect for Murray and that you can learn from Him. Once God gives you knowledge that the Shepherd’s Chapel is a polluted stream then you have no other option but to turn from it. I come across as harsh towards the Chapel. I only hate false religion. I hope Murray and followers find a place of mercy.


  11. Tim’s starting premise is just conjecture . I can’t see the relationship between what Pastor Murray taught and Mormonism. Mormons very seldom teach from the bible and never verse by verse. Racist? Where does that come from? It makes it very difficult to follow your logic when you don’t define or give evidence to collaborate your statements. You make assumptions based on loose associations that you don’t even substantiate, so that anyone who reads your writings can follow your logic.
    You can do all a favor by countering Pastor Murray verse by verse, chapter by chapter.


  12. I would also see on tapes the Shepherd’s Chapel how many people from all over came to see Arnold Murray in person and meet them all. He preached from the word of God, which is the Holy Bible and he’d say it’s God’s Love letter to us all!
    He would say don’t believe this man or any other man but your Father’s Word, the Bible. He taught straight from the Bible and went further, by explaining scripture by scripture, verse by verse. We’d even read along with him and all he read from the Word of God, was shown on screen for all to see if they didn’t have their Bibles out.
    He’d also say, you ARE in church if someone watching said they did not go to a church. He was telling the truth, but God is not only in church on Sundays, but seven (7) days a week we are to worship God and the Son, Jesus Christ. I myself believe in the “Trinity” Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit!
    How can anyone like him be misleading when he taught straight from God’s Word, The Holy Bible? I also don’t believe he (Arnold Murray) had anything to do with astrology!
    I must pray over this and get the truth from the Holy Spirit so as to know what is true or false here..It is my hope and prayer your wrong about Arnold Murray, and his son’s and his teachings Timothy Campbell!
    My daughter says just go with my gut feelings, if it sounds right then it must be right and to pray about it.


    1. Murray taught modalism – one person in the Godhead, 3 aspects. He didn’t teach pagan astrology but a Christianized version, called the gospel in the stars… I believe Murray taught a lot of things that were good and true but that unfortunately doesn’t make him right with God.


    1. Hi Kelly, are you and Liz groupies for the Chapel? The church is the “elect”, the 144,000… it is symbolic. If you understood what they teach, then you would know what I mean when I call the Chapel a cult.

      You see, like many Christian cults they teach that they alone are 144,000. If you don’t believe as they do, then you’re not a part regardless if you’re saved or not.

      Kelly, if you are truly born again in Jesus Christ – you belong to that group, imagine that. So I’m offended at any religious group that wants to exclude God’s people from the promises that He gave to them…

      Not really fixated on it, but they are. I’m just stressing what they put emphasis on.

      If you’re caught up in this stuff or are getting pulled into it, you should check out some more of the articles, it will help with the deprogramming.


  13. I watch S. C. , I see nothing wrong . I have learned to understand the Bible, word for word, and could never have understood it by myself. As far as the 144000, they are Jewish men alive at the time of the tribulation, preaching against the antichrist. Its an awful thing to tell stories about a man , who was so dedicated to teaching Gods word, and Dennis is doing an excellent job. Going to the dead sea scrolls, and how they are interpreted into our language, you have to understand that the words don’t mean the same thing. You need a bible dictionary to interpret what was written, so you may not see it while reading scripture, because the meaning of the words can mean a different thing altogether. All the different religions out there seem to interpret with difference of whats being written. I don’t know anybody who has had God or a angelic being talk to them outside of the prophets in the Bible. Some people think they know it all, and shouldn’t be accusing others of something they are not, like a cult.


    1. How familiar are you with what they they teach? I take the 144,000 to be representative of the church – Murray on the other hand would teach that it’s those who believe as he does (British Israelism). You may think it’s unfounded but if I can demonstrate how they teach heresy then I think the claim holds.


  14. Pastor Murray teaches the Scripture, line by line and verse by verse. He deepens our understanding by correcting translations. If you have a problem with Pastor Murray, maybe you have a problem with Scripture, in which case, no one here can save you. Only the One who died for [even] your salvation.



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