Murderers Can’t Be Forgiven in the Flesh?

David Murdered Uriah... in cold blood - and God forgave him
David Murdered Uriah… in cold blood – and God forgave him

According to Shepherd’s Chapel murder is a quasi unpardonable sin. Murray asserts that premeditated murderer (a criminal homicide) can not be forgiven in the flesh. There are two grievous errors in this position…

1. The sin is too great for Christ’s blood to atone for on earth and…

2. A person’s sins can be forgiven for sins after death…

I call the 2nd point the Second Chance error… and it can be found all throughout Murray’s teachings, specifically in reference to the tribulation and millennium. It is a smooth teaching, smoother than God will allow.

Let’s take this to the next step logically then – a women after a period of deliberation has her child aborted (i.e. premeditated murder), so she cannot receive forgiveness in the flesh. She must die and settle before her child before Christ will grant forgiveness according to Murray.

This is sheer biblical lunacy. Every sin can be forgiven through the blood of Christ if the sinner truly repents – the bible has many examples.

I leave you with the example of David who was as the bible records, “a man of blood”. David’s murder of Uriah was premeditated, no doubt.

Psalm 51 is a record of God’s having forgave David after he turned to Him in repentance. It wasn’t required that David die before God washed his sins away.

The teaching that murderers must die in order to be forgiven is popular with carnal man but it is base heresy, plain and simple.


Author: Timothy Campbell

Independent researcher exposing Joel's Army / Latter-Rain Movement, Christian evangelist and helping to expose the plot of the ages - the church will be here during the great tribulation (or Golden Age of Gaia) and will have resist the beast and his mark...

5 thoughts on “Murderers Can’t Be Forgiven in the Flesh?”

  1. In response to the conundrum you brought up. I always remind people of this (because it comes up all the time), regardless of who has or hasn’t heard the gospel – absolutely no one will find admittance into heaven apart from their sins being remitted through Christ’s sacrifice.

    This is to instantly kill the new age notion that there alternate paths of salvation. But the problem remains.

    On what basis would God graciously forgive sinners? For us who have heard the gospel we received that saving grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

    It would also seem that God due to Christ’s sacrifice does apply the work of the Cross to someone who never had the opportunity to receive the gospel in the proper sense. An aborted child, a young person who dies without knowledge of the gospel, someone who is mentally handicapped… there are many good examples. These all receive saving grace but not on the basis of their goodness or innocence.

    A second chance millennium is not required and to teach people that this is how God resolves this conundrum is dangerous. It implies that what is done in this life is of little or no consequence.

    Many passages in the NT inform us that the “elect” are fixed group who God knows from the beginning and has predetermined. If that is the case (and I believe it is) then the problem is quickly resolved for us at least – but I’m sure the unconvinced will need a better explanation.

    Suppose one of these “elect” never heard the gospel? God could still grant salvation on the basis of what Christ has done… maybe God comes to these people at the time of death and reveals himself personally? Maybe on Judgment Day He simply sees their name in book and that’s that? Who knows.

    That having been said, I believe God will move heaven and earth to give the elect an opportunity to know the truth. However, the problem today is hyper-saturation of the gospel. People have had MANY opportunities to accept the gospel and to at least seek it out. These people are not ignorant as Murray would have us believe – according to him these poor deceived souls who reject Christ will receive a chance in the millennium after Antichrist deceives them.

    Murray underestimates the rebellion and wickedness of man – and the severity of God’s justice for these who reject Christ and his gospel.

    Also, think of the innocent, I like to use the example of David’s child who died. David was assured the child would be in heaven? On what basis? The child didn’t deserve salvation by virtue of his innocence. The child was granted admittance into heaven on the basis of Christ sacrifice. God graciously applied Christ’s righteousness to the child’s account.

    I would see this to be the case with all of the “elect” who have not had the opportunity to receive the gospel in the sense that you and I have.

    Regarding the “non-elect” who didn’t hear the gospel in their natural life… I pity them, I really do – their wickedness will condemn them and God will be just in doing so… I don’t believe they will receive any second chances after death.



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