Arnold Murray Has Passed Away…


Pastor Arnold Murray has died. I respect the man and revered him as great teacher for many years. The time came when Lord Jesus Christ opened my eyes to the deception he was teaching…

As a person, I truly liked Pastor Murray – he was likable in many ways. As a teacher I enjoyed studying with him in my youth but now in retrospect I deplore what he did… I forgive him for leading myself and others astray.

I was once an ardent student of the Chapel, hanging on Murray’s every word. I began studying with Murray in early 1994. Around 2005 Jesus Christ began to fully deliver me from spiritual bondage.

The repercussions of internalizing Murray’s teaching affected my life personally in a very negative way. That having been said, I take responsibility.

He will be held accountable for his end of the deal and the bible has some very stern words about these things.

Arnold Murray was a false teacher and deceived many. Even now from the grave through the religious legacy that he left behind people are ensnared.

Part of my calling here is to expose his system and help others break free. May God have mercy on his soul.

At this point many will cry out, “you’re being hateful, you’re being judgmental!”

I don’t hate Arnold Murray, Dennis Murray or any of his followersbut I do hate the demonic system of falsehood that they put forth. And yes, I will continue to attack it – and if you can’t see the difference in the two it’s because you don’t want to.

God is removing a tremendous stumbling block from the feet of His church. And yes, the Shepherd’s Chapel continues on leading people astray and I am at war with it.

You see, I was once in this cult but by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I am free from it. I have a furious hatred for false religion…

This blog deals specifically with the Chapel deception and helping people break free.

Many think that because of his passing this ministry will begin to wane in influence but nothing could be further from the truth.

In the years to come as America begins to deteriorate and descend into civil unrest the Christian Identity movement will rocket into the heavens in terms of it’s influence. The Shepherd’s Chapel ministry represents the most significant aspect of this movement.

As with all successful false religions there are always those who are only too willing to pick up the torch and proceed. Dennis Murray is waiting in the wings to take this thing over and his doctrine is identical to his father’s.

All that being said I like Dennis despite his falsehood. I feel really bad for him because of what he has been brought into by his father.

It would be like being raised in a home where everyone is Muslim. You would naturally believe whatever you are taught to believe… but he is not without excuse. I’m sure there have been many occasion’s in the past where he could have separated but he did not.

I am quite interested now to see how the Chapel will evolve and if the doctrine will change any.

I hope for Arnold Murray’s his sake God granted him salvation despite his heresy and false teaching but I truly believe he died in a lost state. But if it makes you feel any better I will leave questions regarding the eternal state of his soul up to God. I forgave him. End of story.